NCAA Football begins today!!! Have you signed up with RickJ yet?

NCAA Football begins today!!! Have you signed up with RickJ yet?

College football is finally here. If you have not signed up yet you can do it now by picking the subscription of your choice with the PayPal pull down menu. All have a 3-day free trial.

Friday things slowed down with 2 plays.

We had 2 1 unit plays winning with Cinci +110 9-5 and losing with San Diego +140 6-8.

We had an overnight with Oakland but a pitching change canceled that wager.

Today I have sent out 7 plays so far.

Political Odds:

ODDS                                             My prediction

Moore over Strange

7 to 3                                                     4 to 1

Dems  to win white house in 2020

5 to 4                                                  Repub 2 to 1

Flake to win primary

6 to 4                                                5 to 1 against

Ryan to win primary

7.5 to 1                                               3 to 1

Kasich to run in 2020

even money                                        5 to 2 in  favor

Control of house 2018

republicans 11 to 10                           3 to 1

Flake is now a little less than 50/50 to win the primary.

Ryan is down to 6 to 1 to win the primary.

Kasich is now 8 to 5 to run in 2020

The Arpaio wager ended fast. The line was 6 to 4 in favor of a pardon before year end. I suggested laying the odds or passing.

So ar all odds are moving my way.

2 new odds came up since the last post:

Trump being the nominee in 2020 is 6 to 4 against.

This is a complex wager to figure out. There are many cross currents to consider, most of which are not clear at this time. If Trump had an AG that didn’t mind stepping up and risking everything for the MAGA movement I would say Trump would be 5 to 1 to be the nominee.

But the AG for whatever reason is focusing on primarily other issues rather than political criminal activity. It appears he has no appetite for getting into the political fray no matter what politicians do.

Yes, he is on board with immigration, but the President needs an AG that makes sure the laws are enforced in the bloodsport of the political world. In that regard, the AG is missing in action.

Without an AG the odds might be correct. However, I would be taking the odds or passing on this one. It’s a contrarian view but I enjoy being a contrarian.

The next is Whether Cohn will be the next Fed Chair on Feb 4th.  He is the favorite at 7 to 3 against.  I think the odds should be more like 10 to 1 against. I do not think Trump will appoint someone that has been so vocal criticizing Trump in public. I will add that to the above odds to follow.

Good Luck Today


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