ncaa football plays 10/12 weekend

ncaa football plays 10/12 weekend

12-Oct-06 10:00am
14-Oct-06 Football
Buffalo U (+8.5) -110

12-Oct-06 12:00pm
14-Oct-06 Football
East Carolina (+2) -103

12-Oct-06 9:00am
14-Oct-06 Football
Indiana (+17.5) -103

12-Oct-06 12:30pm
14-Oct-06 Football
Michigan State (+14.5) -112

12-Oct-06 4:00pm
14-Oct-06 Football
Florida Intl (+28) -112

12-Oct-06 9:00am
14-Oct-06 Football
Northwestern (+7) -114

12-Oct-06 5:00pm
14-Oct-06 Football
Penn State (+6) -107

12-Oct-06 11:00am
14-Oct-06 Football
Western Michigan (+2.5) -105

12-Oct-06 2:00pm
14-Oct-06 Football
Washington State (+8.5) -114


I am working on totals…but nothing yet. Also no baseball or hockey plays today.

Records to date:

Sides: 16- 10 +9.05
o/u 3-7-1 -3.97
Sides 7-5-1 +2.67
o/u 2-3 -1.18
Sides 4-2-1 +1.98
o/u 2-2 – .16
sides 3-1 +2.13

Total 70 Bets 10.17 units +14.53% Return

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