NCAA Hoops in full swing...Not many plays yet but they will be coming.

NCAA Hoops in full swing…Not many plays yet but they will be coming.

In college hoops unlike the other sprts it takes a few days of games before what I look at becomes significant. We are almost a week into College hoops and things should start picking up soon.

On Monday we had 3 one unit plays in the NBA and went 0-3. None were close.

We are still in  a slight draw down now and one never knows where it stops. So far its been mild as far as draw downs go. In addition for the month we are 13-14 on spread bets and 7-8 for +1.59 in money line plays. So we are at break even for the month. Nothing to write home about but as far as draw downs go very mild.

So far today I have sent out one 1 unit play.

I have been getting some emails regarding how hard it is to follow through with a bet sizing routine. Let me say I can relate to that as it took me years to get disciplined enough to be able to generate a positive EV gambling everyday.

But let me be clear, If you do not get the discipline you cannot win gambling every day. This is another one of my givens. The idea of randomly picking your bet size, tilting on occasion, or any other bad habits is going to prevent you from winning.

The idea of bet sizing is not only to minimize variance but also to save you from your biggest enemy, human nature. Once you have an automatic routine of bet sizing human nature is kept in harness as well as it can be. Its still going to attempt to interfere but the more you get used to the routine and more disciplined you become.

I am here not only to share my plays but also to help you in picking the best bet sizing for your particular situation. Everyone’s bankroll and tolerance for risk is different. Your bet size should reflect both your financial situation and risk tolerance.

Also I am still trying to figure out how to get the link fixed in the banner where it says subscribe here. Not being a wordpress expert any changes I make on my site challenges me:) But I will figure it out soon.

Good Luck Today


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