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Saturday we had 1 play and 2 big move games.

Our play was a half unit play on Baltimore +182 which lost 2-5. Our 2 big move games split but both were accurate in predicting the line move.

Today so far I have sent out 2 plays and 2 big move games.

I went over the Big Move games last night in some detail. It is very rare to have a method produce such good results. In addition, not only good results but a larger sample size than you would get from most methods starting out.

There have been 177 big move games that have accurately picked the line move 68.78% of the time. In addition, the average move has been .0685.

In addition betting these, you would of gone 97-80 for +12.99 units. This has not been straight up but a healthy slow increase from the start of the season.  The ROI is 7.33% this season so far.

I have been searching for a reason not to start wagering on these and I can not find anything that is logical to hold off.

So beginning tonight I will be wagering 1/2 unit on the “Big Move Games” The idea will be if they continue on and finish successfully as they have been next season they will be 1 unit plays.

Remember, these games only consider my models with nothing inputted for what the public is doing or what variables there might be for or against the play.

But I cannot think of much that has been as solid as this that logically has produced these types of results right away.

We will see, after all, it is only money:)

If anyone has any questions regarding these feel free to send me an email. I will still send these out as big move games but in addition, they will be 1/2 unit plays.

Good Luck Today


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