New Years Day a New Years Story

9:45 Update


Betting is 65% on the Favorite Michigan with the line moving contrary to the betting from -4 to -3.5+107. Models slightly favor Michigan and Variables are split on the game. 65% on Mich precludes me from considering Michigan. So this game is a Pass.

8:40 Update

First Bowl Game of the day:


Betting is 54% on the dog Tenn. The line has moved Contrary to the betting from -9 to -9.5. Models show a little value on Northwestern. Variables are absent on both sides. The 46% on the Favorite would be a red flag for me to consider the favorite or pass on the game. But absent variables and absent a significant model difference that is all it has going for it. So A Pass for me.

A new day, month and year. A time to be optimistic. If you find yourself on day 1 worrying about things in any way a good excerpt from a book I read a long long time ago by Gerry Spence has always helped me out.

For those of you that do not know who Gerry Spence is think of it this way….When Imelda Marcos (the wife of the ex President of the Philippines) was charged by the Federal Government she at that time lived in NYC. She had billions and could of hired any attorney in the world to represent her. But out of the blue she came up with an attorney from Jackson Hole Wyoming as her trial attorney. And the remarkable thing is she came up with the best in the world. The result was never in doubt. The Federal Government never had a chance!

So when Spence gives advice take heed because he is a remarkable person. I have listened to him in person a number of times. And he always mesmerized me with his wit, stories and advice.

So to make a long story short: He always was amused by attorneys that had a fear of going into the courtroom. When the day was approaching they would worry, get no sleep, and had increasing anxiety.
He analogized this with a person hanging from a cliff. He tries to pull himself up. He has hands that are bleeding, limbs that are being torn out of their socket, and he tries with everything to pull himself up.

At some point however when it becomes inevitable its time to let go an enjoy the fall! That is life. We are all falling in one fashion or another so appreciate that the ups and downs of life are inevitable and LET GO….ENJOY The FAll!

Thats my advice for the year. And the best thing is its free:)

Now onto handicapping.

We started out 2-0 and then quickly ended up 3-3 but also won our setup easily on Alabama +10. As you will see a bit later these setups can be very profitable.

December slowed up a bit for us with a gain of around 6 units for the month. The gain was all from the NHL that had a profit of almost 10 units. This comes after a knockout November where the gain was almost 13 units with most coming from College Hoops. Each sport has their turn.

I mentioned the setups. Setups in the NFL are this season are an amazing 22-12, College Hoops 3-2, and about even in the other sports. But if you use these setups combined with your own handicapping either in conjunction or filters you should find your handicapping success to improve substantially.

We have Five bowl games today so I had better get back to work. Subscribers I will be sending out plays and setups shortly before game times. In addition I will be around most of the day for questions. Do not hesitate to ask..thats part of the package.

For those of you that have not signed up yet their is never a better time then the start of a New Year. Not only does this give you the plays and setups but it can be an educational handicapping experience as I am available for giving answers to any questions you want answered. Take advantage of it. Just hit the paypal button on the upper right and pick the subscription of your choice. Hope to see you on board this year!

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