NFL Road Map for Chargers/Raiders , Updated results for all sports posted

On Saturday we had 4 NCAA FB PLAYS going 2-2. We lost our NHL play, and lost our NCAA BB Play.
At long last I have gotten the google sheets up to date with the exception of MLB and Bet or pass games.
In MLB we ended up the regular season on the plus side around 14 units. In the postseason we lost around 3 units.
NCAA Football to date is 22-8 (73%) for +13.2 Units
NFL Football to date is:
1 Unit plays 11-7 (61%) +3.3 Units
1/2 Unit plays 1-2 (33%) -.6Units
NHL To Date:
3-2 +.91 Units
1/2 Unit
0-1  -.5 units
1/2 Unit Totals
7-7  -.45 Units
NBA Sides
9-2  +6.8 UNITS
NBA Totals
1/2 Unit
1-0  +.5
NCAA BB Sides :
1-1   -.1 units
NCAA BB Totals
1/2 UNIT
0-1  -.55 UNITS
So, about a +28 unit upswing since the start of the MLB season. With the NBA, NFL and College football showing very solid results
You can take a look, as I will be updating again daily, now that I am caught up.
In the Westgate NFL SuperContest, my 2-8 last 2 weeks have brought my record down to 23-20-2. (53.4%)
A fast start, and now reversion has set in:)
This week picks for me are : (in the order I liked them at the time)
Tenn +6.5
Buffalo +6.5
Oakland +9.5
Miami +9.5
Seattle +9.5
The Westgate top 5 picks went 5-0 last week bringing their record to 26-19-0. Not much to say here. If you faded the first half of the year the top 5 would have given you a small loss.
Today the Westgate top 5 is:
I am fading 3 of the top 5 and am with 1 of the top 5.
Also, we have two NFL 1 unit plays pending today.
Let’s see if I can get a monster rush going in the NFL, I am going to need it:)
My free NFL Breakdown for today is:
Chargers 80% -10+102 -10 +102 -10 -10-105
Oakland 20%
Models: Oakland Slight Edge
Variables: Avg Edge Oakland
Public %: Strong Edge Oakland
I know, Oakland has looked pathetic. And of course with 80% on the road favorite everyone and their brother feels the same way.
But if you remove the names of the two teams, and only look at the numbers it becomes clear that Oakland has EV this afternoon.
So if you thinking about joining the 80% you might want to reconsider:)
Come to join us for the 2nd half of the NFL Season. You get the benefit of not only getting all the NFL plays and Road Maps. But College football Plays and Roadmaps, NBA plays, NHL plays and College basket plays as part of your subscription.
The cost is only $49 a month, and for first-time subscribers, if before 14 days you want your money back, I will refund you the entire amount.
You can sign up via my website, and picking the monthly option under the PayPal menu or you can sign up via this link:
Hope to see you join us for a fun 2nd half of the NFL season.
Good Luck Today
RickJ’s Handicapping Picks
Skype: riccja

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