NFL Starts Tomorrow!!! Get in from the very first of the season now!!!

Yes finally the NFL is here. A full slate of NFL preseason games this weekend. If your planning on joining our group for the NFL season now is a good time to jump on board. You can either take advantage of the special which ends on Sunday or pick one of the subscription options in the PayPal window.

Hope to see you with us this season. It should be fun, entertaining and hopefully profitable!

Now on to more mundane things like MLB:)

Tuesday we had a 1 unit play and it was a winner. Tampa Bay +170 was an easy 9-2 winner.

We also had 4 big move games:

Tampa Bay +170
Dodgers -191
St Louis -171
Houston -114

The closing line :

Tampa Bay +183
Dodgers -214
St Louis -195
Houston -128

Three of the four had nice moves our way.

Today is looking like a busy day with 3 one unit plays so far and another 4 big move games with one designated a middle game.

after a grueling 4 months and 10 days of MLB we find ourselves at -1.285 unit! It seems like forever when we started this MLB season. But while many have given up and decided they have lost enough we are hanging in there and still positioned to have a good season with any kind of run finishing off this season. Our swings have been relatively minor. So a lot of positives the biggest of the one unit plays 56-54 +18.34 Units. The 1/2 unit plays were dismal but most have been dropped off by the wayside now per my screening method. This season the difference between 2 years and 1 year realtime testing was like night and day. It will not always be that way but was this year.

Remember NFL starts tomorrow. So do not waste any time signing up!

Good Luck Today


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