NFL Subscription special is now posted!!! Join us for an exciting Football season:)

NFL Subscription special is now posted!!! Join us for an exciting Football season:)

Saturday we had 2 plays and went 1-1.

The Angels +119  won 6-5 and Cinci +137 lost 3-7.

Today so far I have sent out 3 plays. 2 are no plays because of pitching changes. So 1 play left so far for today.

It’s that time of year and I have been getting a lot of emails regarding the football special I put out last season.

$176.00 payment for all sports from now until  Dec 31st. This is a bit different than last season. First, it is $20 less and second, it ends 12/31 which is the last game of regular season NFL.

I had received a number of emails from lump sum yearly subscribers about that as there was no benefit subscribing yearly with that special., so I made a change that provides some balance to the special as it relates to the yearly subscriber.

It is an excellent value as you get from now until Dec 31st which would typically cost $245.00. In addition, you will get the first 5 weeks or so of NCAA Hoops and whatever other sports I cover in that price.

Compare this to the services that charge separately for the NFL and NCAA football and you will see fees from $1,000 to $3,000 for the football season. And I will put my handicapping up against theirs any day of the week:)

In addition to the plays for the football season, all members will also have the right to ask me any questions on any game they wish my opinion on.

Finally this season for subscriber I will be putting out a per game breakdown similar to what I have been doing for MLB. This breakdown covers many of the items I look at when handicapping games.

If you do your own handicapping in the NFL these reports will be invaluable to you.

Finally, I am still on the fence on the NFL Hilton Contest. If I do not join the contest I will post my top 5 to subscribers. If I get into the contest I will send out the top 5 to the subscribers after noon on Saturday. Then post on the site Sunday Morning as I did last year.

Let me ask if anyone has an interest in joining me this season in the Hilton NFL Contest. The entry fee is 1500. I am taking 1/3rd for 500.00 and the other 2/3rds is open. There is no vig taken by me. You get your full pro rata interest in the event we cash.  There will be an agreement signed by us both indicating the amount paid, the split, and that you are responsible for any tax consequences from your earnings.

To subscribe you need to go to paypal directily and send 176.00 to [email protected].   That option right now is not in the  paypal pulldown on this site.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

Good Luck Today


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