NFL Week 10 , Circa picks for today, Week9 Recap, Comments on trading all posted

A good weekend last week going 4-1 in the contests.

In the My Bookie contest I sit at 28-16-1  or 63.63%

In The Circa contest I sit at 25-20  or 55.45%

In the All Spread contest where I pick every game against the spread I am at 68-68 not including

the Thursday night win.

My Picks this week in the circa contest are:

Jacksonville +10.5
Jets +11.5
New Orleans +3
Washington +9.5
San Fran +4

Last week the Westgate top 5 picks went 2-3 Bringing their record to 23-21-1

The Westgate Picks this week are:






I am fading 2 of the top 5 and not with any of them. Usually a great place to be:)


In trading last week I had 3 short put trades on Thursday and they were both easy winners. Slow but steady is how these are going, with a profit curve that is virtually straight up with very little drawdown.  Almost 95% winners with a profit factor of 3.75.  Not bad for something I came up with when sports was shut down!


The other methods I have used since starting to post these trades are, Mean reversion trades, Income trades and pure swing trades.

By far the most profitable has been the 2 day short put trades. Income investing has been solid producing on avg 8% a year in dividends along with additional capital gains when the position is sold.

The mean reversion trades have been solid also, although they do not come along that often.

The swing trades have been spotty:)  Most likely something I need to improve on. But the short puts have consumed me trying to fine tune this method.

As a subscriber to my 20+ year service you now have access to most of my trades via my Slack Channel.

So for only $49.00 a month you get plays, discussion and roadmaps that cover virtually all sports at the time of your subscription. And now an option method that has had spectacular real time results.

Since I started 20+ years ago, I am one of the few individuals or companies who have had 100% transparency. No matter what the results all are readily available for all to see.

Sports betting is one of the hardest areas to make money consistently. The EV is there, but you have to weather a high learning  curve, Variance, and human nature that will sabotage you at every turn. My site guided many through this crazy maze:)

Its not too late to jump on board. We have plenty of NFL and College FB left. In addition, the NHL is in full swing and NBA regular season is almost here.

Just go to and choose the monthly option on the PayPal menu. That one has the most value, and every option has a 3 day free trial

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

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