NFL Week 12: Westgate NFL Picks, Westgate Top 5 , Road Map for Green Bay/Minn now posted

On Saturday our 10 Game winning streak on NCAA BB totals was broken when NC Wilmington U 147 lost 72-81. I thought we had that one with a min left. But you never know in college hoops the way the end games go sometimes.
We won our other Under on Ind St U 144 63-54. I could only find 1 college football game I liked yesterday, BC -6 and they never had a chance:)
So after this last week, let us take a look at the season to date totals:
After a winning MLB Season :
Season Record to date:
College Football
1 UNIT 24-9 +14.1 Units
1/2 Unit 1-0 +.5 Units
1 UNIT 12-7 +4.3 Units
1/2 Unit 1-3 -1.1 Units
1 Unit Sides
3-4 -1.19 Units
1/2 Unit Sides
0-1 -.5 Units
1/2 Unit Totals
8-12 -2.85 UNITS
NCAA BB 1 Unit Sides
1-1 -.1 Units
1/2 Unit sides
2-1 +.45 Units
1/2 Unit Totals
10-2 +3.4 Units
1 Unit Sides
12-3 +8.7 Units
1/2 Unit Totals
1-0 +.5 Units
That brings us to +29.41 Units Season to date in these sports after a 10+ Unit season in MLB. We gained 1.45 Units last week.
We are heading into week 12 in the Westgate NFL Supercontest. I had a 5-0 week last week bringing my record to 31-22-2. That is around 58%. With the number of entrants, to cash, I will need to be close to 65%. Time is running out:)
My Westgate NFL Picks this week are:
jets +9.5
san Fran +3.5
Arizona +12.5
tenn +6.5
Atl +13 (L)
I lost the first pick Thursday night with Atlanta. So need a 3-1 to stay about even or pick up a little, or a 4-0 with the rest to gain ground.
The Westgate Top 5 went 2-3 last week bring its record to 20-25 for the season. That is a wrong number as it was 28-22 last week. My guess is the right number is 30-25.
The Westgate top 5 this week is:
I am fading the top Westgate pick this week:) I do not mind that one bit.
Everyone and their brother likes NE today. Can it be any good? We will see.
About 5 years ago I would tell you that Jets by two touchdowns today. But things have changed a bit in the NFL. What was easy money has become an edge.
My free NFL Road Map for today is:
Green Bay 67% 47.5
Minn 33% -4 -3.5+106 -3.5 -3-120
Models: Slight Edge to Min at -3 at -3.5 No Edge
Variables: No Edge
Public %: Avg Edge Minn
For me when the public is on the dog, its the favorite or Pass. As most of you know I am a contrarian bettor as I feel there is a built in edge before you begin your handicapping. That at least takes care of the vig.
The edge gets a little bigger when it is a home favorite with a low %.
Now looking over Minn to lay -3 you have to lay -120 in almost every spot. -125 in some places. That takes it out of consideration for me. -3.5 is an absolute no for me.
That is the way I look at the game. All I can say is if your thinking about jumping with the public and taking the dog, you might want to look the game over again:)
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Hope to see you join us for a fun 2nd half of the NFL season.
Good Luck Today
RickJ’s Handicapping Picks
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