NFL Week 13: Westgate NFL Picks, Westgate Top 5, Road Map for Charger/Pitt game now posted

On Saturday we had 2 one unit NCAA hoop games go 0-2 with Creighton and USC both losing. We had a 1 unit NHL play on Phil +162 win, and also a 1/2 Unit play on Xavier Under win and a 1/2 unit play on Iona losing.
So a -.63 Unit day.
After a winning MLB Season :
Season Record to date:
College Football
1 UNIT 24-9 +14.1 Units
1/2 Unit 1-0 +.5 Units
1 UNIT 12-7 +4.3 Units
1/2 Unit 2-4 -1.2 Units
1 Unit Sides
4-4 +.43 Units
1/2 Unit Sides
0-1 -.5 Units
1/2 Unit Totals
8-14 -3.86 UNITS
NCAA BB 1 Unit Sides
2-4 -2.35 Units
1/2 Unit sides
4-5 -.75Units
1/2 Unit Totals
11-2 +3.9 Units
1 Unit Sides
12-5 +6.5 Units
1/2 Unit Totals
1-0 +.5 Units
That brings us to +20.57 Units Season to date in these sports after a 10+ Unit season in MLB.We lost 8.6 Units last week.
We are heading into week 13 in the Westgate NFL Supercontest. I had a 0-5 week last week bringing my record to 31-27-2. That is around 53.4%. That was a major setback:)
My Westgate NFL Picks this week are:
Detroit +9.5
Jacksonville +4
Tampa +3.5
Cinci +4.5
Oakland +14.5
The Westgate Top 5 went 2-3 last week bring its record to 32/-28 for the season.
The Westgate top 5 this week is:
New Orleans
New Eng
The top pick NO went down Thursday when Dallas won the game outright. I had a 1/2 Unit play on Dallas Thursday.
I am fading one of the top 5 this week.
My free NFL Road Map for today is:
Chargers 43%
Pitt 57% -3.5 -3 -3.5 -3
Models: Pitt No Edge +
Variables: No Edge
Public % No Edge
This is what many of the NFL games look like each week. Very little to go on. Typically there is 1 game that stands out , with maybe 2 more that show promise. Then its a matter of filtering games out to find a few more to come up with 5 picks in the contest.
It’s rare you find 5 games that look great.
So Tonight’s game is a clear pass to me.
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Hope to see you join us for a fun 2nd half of the NFL season.
Good Luck Today
RickJ’s Handicapping Picks
Skype: riccja

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