NFL WEEK 14: Westgate NFL Picks, Westgate Top 5, Road Map for PHIL/Dallas Game now posted

On Saturday we had 5 Plays and went 3-2 for +.86 Units
In College Hoops, we won a 1 unit play on California +6 89-83 and lost a 1/2 Unit play on Illinois Under by a hoop.
In the NBA we went 1-1 for one unit plays winning with Cleveland +7.5 116-101 and losing with Minn +3 105-113
Then in the NHL, we won a 1/2 Unit play on Phil +102 6-2.
After a winning 2018 MLB Season we have 4 sports active:
Season Record to date:
College Football
1 UNIT 24-9 +14.1 Units
1/2 Unit 1-0 +.5 Units
1 UNIT 13-7 +5.3 Units
1/2 Unit3-4 -.7 Units
1 Unit Sides
4-4 +.43 Units
1/2 Unit Sides
1-1 +.01 Units
1/2 Unit Totals
8-14 -3.86 UNITS
1 Unit Sides
3-4 -1.35 Units
1/2 Unit sides
5-8-1 -1.9Units
1/2 Unit Totals
11-3 +3.35 Units
1 Unit Sides
13-6 +6.4 Units
1/2 Unit Totals
1-0 +.5 Units
That brings us to +22.78 Units Season to date in these sports after a 10+ Unit season in MLB. We won 2.21 Units last week.
We are heading into week 13 in the Westgate NFL Supercontest. I had a 3-2 week last week bringing my record to 34 -29-2. That is around 54%.
This week my Westgate NFL Contest Picks are:
wash +3.5
mia +7.5
jets +3
tampa +8
bears +3
The Westgate Top 5 went 2-3 again last week bring its record to 34-31-0 for the season.
The Westgate top 5 this week is:
I am fading 3 of the top 5 this week and not with any of them. For me that a good place to be.
My free NFL Road Map for today is:
Phil 42%
Dallas 58% -4 -3.5+102 -4 -3-125
Models: Phil Avg Edge
Variables: No Edge
Public % No Edge
Let’s start out the game by saying my handicapping techniques in most sports is that one of the first things I look at is what the public is doing.
If there is over 50 % on a team its either the other side or pass for me.
That means Phil is the team I would be looking at.
In this game, there is 42% on Phil which is not low enough to consider them, In addition, I see no variables that support either side.
The models do give a nice edge to Phil but that alone is not enough to consider betting on the game. So for me, this game is a pass.
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Good Luck Today
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