Nfl Week 17: Westgate NFL contest picks, Westgate Top 5, and roadmap for Bears/Minn game posted

My Record in the Westgate this season is 45-33-2 or about 57%. A respectable showing but you will need 63% to get in the top 100! The leader is at 71%. 

My Record in the Westgate this season is 45-33-2 or about 57%. A respectable showing but you will need 63% to get in the top 100! The leader is at 71%. 

How you do in this tournament is your ev + variance. And with that many entrants, you are going to need a big positive variance to get in the money. 

We are in Week 17 now the last week of regular season, and you can pretty much throw all the handicapping rules out you used for the regular season in Week 17.

I sent out considerations to subscribers for week 17. In addition, a breakdown of each game and how these considerations apply to each game.

My picks for Week 17 :

Westgate NFL Contest Picks (Not Plays) In the order I liked them at the time

wash +6.5

denver +6.5

jets +13.5

giants -6.5

tenn +3

The Westgate top 5 went 3-2 last week bringing its record for the season to 41-39-0. That is a stellar performance for the top 5 as typically they are around 45% or lower.

This weeks top 5:






I am fading 2 of the top 5 including their #1 pick. That is exactly where I like to be. I am on none of the top 5.

My free NFL game Breakdown of the day:

Bears 54% 40.5
Minn 46% -3-108 -6-106 -4 -6-105
Models: Strong Edge Bears
Variables: Minn very slight edge
Public % : No Edge

An interesting game from the standpoint of where the teams sit in the playoff race. The bears get a #2 or #3 seed. Minn is in a much win and if they lose they need the eagles to lose.

Typically, in these games the edge goes against the team that has to win. But this game has an interesting twist to it, as the Bears have little to play for. So the question is whether they will be resting players today.

The line has moved 2 pts on Cris. So its a mixed bag in this game. If the bears had a 2 seed locked up I would say Minn gets the nod here, but since the bears still have a seed to gain by winning and the line is inflated as Minn has to win, Bears get the nod.

But you see there are a lot of considerations in week 17 you do not usually find in the regular season:) Makes it interesting but much more difficult to handicap.

In addition, these are not set in stone. Sometimes, these considerations do not play out the way you would think. After all if they always did it would not be gambling:)

For subscribers, I break down every NFL game this way along with every College Football Game.  

The NFL playoffs will be here before you know it. Would be a great time to give us a try if you have been on the fence:)
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Hope to see you join us for a fun NFL playoff season. 

Good Luck Today 
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