NFL Week 5, Circa Picks, Week 4 and Season to Date Recap, Comments on investing section of the service all posted

Week 4 in the NFL behind us and I sit at 13-7 in the Circa NFL Contest after two 4-1 weeks!  Well positioned as I enter Week 5. Of course, with the large field you have to keep up a torrid pace to get in the money:)

For NFL plays this season I am 8-6 going 2-0 last week. So far today I have sent out two plays to subscribers. 

In the all spread contest where I pick every game against the spread I am faltering a bit. Usually I get close to 55%. But so far this season I am hovering around the 50% mark, 32-33-0.

Today in the Circa Contest my 5 picks are:

Phil +3

Jacksonville  +4.5

Houston +8.5

Giants +7

Indy +7

These are in no particular order. My subscribers get my thoughts on every game played in detail.

In the Westgate NFL Super contest the top 5 picks went 3-2 last week bringing their record to 9-11.

The top 5 this week is:

San Fran





I am fading 1 of the top 5 this week. Typically I like to be fading 2 or more. Guess that will have to do:)

I have to say this week was not as easy for me as the first 4 weeks. Only a few games were clear to me. The rest not so clear.

I suspect this trend will continue as we move further into the season.

On the investing side of the service I had another great week last week despite the volatility in the markets. My short put sales went 3-0 with none getting close to the strike price. So another 3 winners added onto an over 95% win rate on these. I also had an overnight high % trade in SPY on Thursday for a quick 1%+ gain.

These short term setups come around every so often.

And then I had a system trade last week in futures using @M2Kz21.  It also was a nice winner.

If you have an interest in finding out more, just send me an email and I will go through everything with you.

Also as part of the investing side, I give an opening commentary before each trading day with my observations as to what to suspect.

The cost of the service is only 49.00 a month. You get a 3 day free trial, and have the option to quit anytime.  Unlike other services far less successful who charge thousands and lock you in for the entire season. It is one of the few values left in sports services at this point.

I have been providing this for 20 years now and most of my subscribers come from word of mouth. 

If you wish to subscribe go to, click on the PayPal button and choose the monthly subscription.

There is an option for a yearly subscription. But I do not recommend it until you have been a subscriber for a few months. Betting sports is not for everyone. It has its ups and downs. Few can weather the variance let alone come up with +EV methods.

I do much better then most for far less the money. 

Good Luck Today

Rick J



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