NFL Week 9 Contest Picks, Westgate top 5 picks, NFL And NCAA FB season recap, College hoops starts tomorrow!!!

NFL Could not be going better this season.

Plays that I send out to subscribers are at 78.94% or 15-4-1. I have sent out 1 play today to subscribers.

NFL Top 5 contest picks are 68.42% 26-12-2  

I am not in the Westgate this season but am in the my bookie contest. The upside is you can change your plays on Sunday morning, but the downside is the field is astronomical:)  But I find myself in the top 100 as we enter week  9.   In the Westgate I would have been 24-14-2 as two sunday replacements both won, an option I did not have in the Westgate

In the all spread contest where I pick every game against the spread I am at 56.91% 70-53.  This contest has a pretty tough field with about 130 entrants. I am tied for 14th with the leader at 77-47. I have been gaining on them each week:)

My top 5 contest picks this week are:

Arizona -2 

Washington +3

Bears +4

Carolina +7

Detroit +3.5

The Westgate top 5 went 3-2 last week bring their record to 25-15. This is a banner year for them as usually they are 50/50 at best and a good fade overall.

Their top 5 this week are:






I am with them on Wash and fading their Seattle play.

In college football the Sides have been great at 57.14% 24-18-1  But I had 3 totals this season and they all lost. That has brought my record to 24-21-1. I started off hot, but cooled off quite a bit.  But we have a lot of college football left.

It looks like College hoops is here with a full slate of games tomorrow.  This is the busiest time of year for sports with almost every sport in action.  With it matters not how many sports are active. the cost is the same. 49.00 a month, paid monthly, so you can unsubscribe any time, unlike the rest where the typically charge you a 4 figure lump sum for each sport.

This in my humble opinion has been and will always be the best value if your looking for a sports handicapping service.  I send my plays out via email and slack.  

You can sign up at Select the paypal drop down menu, and most choose the monthly 49.00 subscription. Some the yearly at 499.00. You essentially get two free months by choosing the yearly option.  I can have you up and going for todays pick if you sign up now!!!  All options have a 3 day free trial.

Hope to see you join us


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks



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