Some nice streaks going now in Sports Betting! 4-0 Preseason NFL Sides!! 9-1 MLB Totals!!!

Some nice streaks going now in Sports Betting! 4-0 Preseason NFL Sides!! 9-1 MLB Totals!!!

Sports betting can get very exciting especially when you have some nice winning streaks going. We had a 7-0 run going in MLB Totals and now its 9-1. Preseason NFL Sides are 4-0 with 3 of the 4 dogs winning outright easily!!!

Saturday we had 4 plays going 3-1.

Our 1 unit play with Seattle +133 Lost 3-9 while our 1/2 unit plays all won. San Diego +146 1-0, Texas Under 9-104 7-0 and Dodgers Under 7.5 +111 3-2.

We also had 4 Big Move Games:

Boston -154

Angels +201

Baltimore +102

Atlanta +150

Closing lines:

Boston -153

Angels +186

Baltimore +112

Atlanta +126

2 our way 1 against the other about the same.

One interesting game yesterday was the San Diego game. I put the game out with the Big Move Games probably before most of you woke up. The line at the time was +146.  By game time it was +110. The move is even more striking on the favorite side from -170 to -119.

There was no pitching change and the betting was 47% on San Diego. My guess is that several services came out with San Diego during the day. ‘ about the only explanation I can think of. But you do not see many moves like that with no pitching changes.

Today so far I have sent out 2 one unit plays along with 5 Big move games.

Thursday the NCAA FB season starts in earnest. We have had a number of new sign ups for the football season and this is a reminder that there is a backup to twitter that I use. If you want on the backup service I need for you to send me your phone number along with your cell phone provider.

Twitter has not had any problems I know of recently however during a stretch of College Hoops we had a few weeks where they became very unreliable. So always good to have SMS as a backup.

For those of you on the fence about joining us during the football season there is not much more information I can give you. Take a look at my records that I have made available on this page, My documented results both from and the Hilton   Super Contest under, and do a google search to see what others are say about me. That should give you enough to make an intelligent decision.

In addition if your going to go with a service this season I doubt you will find one that provides the value that ours does. The subscription cost is negligible compared to many other services who charge 4 figures for just 1 sport. Ours is a small monthly subscription and covers all sports that I handicap during the subscription period.

All you need do is go to the PayPal drop down and pick the subscription of your choice. All options have a 3 day free trial.

One of the value added services I offer to subscribers is I am available to offer my opinions on any game you are interested in. All I ask is that you send the request via email. Direct messaging is something I do not check as closely as my email account. My email address is [email protected]

I wanted to discuss something that I call “team bias” in sports betting. I have discussed it before but its an important topic and costs handicappers quite a bit of money if they do not deal with it. I will save this for another day.

Good Luck Today


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