No easy winners lately in sports betting MLB !!!

Saturday we had one 1/2 unit play and it was looking like we had a laugher. Yankees +111 was ahead 7-0 going into the bottom of the 7th. Nova was rolling right along but then out of nowhere gave up 5 runs along with goody giving up another and all of a sudden its a one run game with 2 innings left! But the Yankees hung on and won the game 8-6.

Nothing has been sent out yet today so if you searching your email no worries. On overnights, I did not see much that looked like value based upon the line alone. This morning I just started looking over the line changes from last night along with the public numbers. So withing an hour or two I should have a better idea what the day is going to look like.

Only 2 more months until preseason football. And I am ready. Nothing like two months of MLB to get you ready for football:) Football is like a vacation compared to betting baseball every day! And football typically is reasonably easy to beat at least historically. So we will see.

For some strange reason, I have received a few emails regarding my not being around the poker rooms. This is most likely prompted because it’s world series time. It was an interesting change from 13 years of 40 to 60 hours a week at the poker tables to 0 hours. A real lifestyle change:)

When I moved to Vegas it was simply to figure out what I had missed not moving here in my law school days to becoming a poker player. My intent was never to play forever but to experience one of my lifelong desires.

It was going to be a 3 to 5-year experience as I did not want to get bogged down in the casinos every day. 3 to 5 quickly turned into 10 and then 13 years. So I finally had to get all my well power together and cut the cord.

My experience went well. I started out playing pretty high stakes at 75/150 Omaha 8 with a 100/200 kill. Then when that game went down it was 30/60 and 80/160 holdem. Then the big limit hold em game got too tough and finally died off. The 30/60 Holdem game then got very tough and I moved to 15/30 Omaha 8. Then that game died out at the Venetians and the locals started up the 20/40 Om 8 game at the Bellagio. Remarkably insisting the game be next to the sports book where all the smoke poured over into the room.

So that was impetus enough for me to give poker live up. Going home with a cough and smelly clothes every night in my 60s was not something I wished to go through anymore.

Poker used to be a passion for me as was instrument rated flying. But 13 years of live poker in vegas took care of that passion. I met some great people at the poker tables and made some lifelong friends. But on the other hand, there are far too many players that are severely dysfunctional and miserable to be around.

A young player that came into town about twice a year was sitting next to me at the table. We had played together for at least 5 years when he came to town and never spoken a word to each other. Finally, he asked me, Rick how can you stand being around some of these players. Some are mentally ill and have severe antisocial behavioural problems. I told him it just part of the experience:) But finally, it’s become an experience I do not care to be around in my last 60s.

As you get older one of the most important things is being around positive people. Negativity drags you down so for me being away from it has been very positive.

Well, that’s most likely a longer explanation than you wish to know but hopefully, if any of the younger players are considering what I had considered in my early 20s this might sway them into something a bit more productive!

Back to handicapping.

Good Luck Today

RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

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