Off to a very fast start in November!!! Finally getting some breathing room this morning.

Yes a fast start with Friday continuing our run with 2 plays both winners. In the NBA we had the Lakers +11.5 but we did not need the points as the Lakers blew out the warriors by 20 117-97! And then in the NHL our 1 unit play was on Winn +152 and they had a 5-3 win. So a +2.52 unit day for Friday.

That brings us to 7-2 and +5.31 units through the first 4 days of November!

Today I have sent out 1 one unit play. And we have a carry over into Sunday with a one unit play in the NFL.

Its been a very busy morning for me but finally getting a bit of breathing room. Typically Saturday mornings takes its toll on me as its non stop until about 10:00 A.M.

I had some interesting emails yesterday I can share:

” Any thoughts on the wager of the Browns not winning a game the rest of the season? -450 and +300. “

My Response:

“The spread is too much to find any value. 150 between lay and what you get is huge.

Hard enough on a 20c line”

The Reply:

“Don’t you think Browns are very high probability of winning a game? Greater than what one must lay?”

My Response:

“I don’t look at it that way. I assume the line is close to being right. So assuming that to be the case a spread of 150 would be impossible to overcome even if you had the right side of the wager.

Your not likely to find an edge that is greater than .75c which is the vig on this wager”


Typically when something looks like a great wager it usually is not. And the better it looks at first glance usually the worst it really is. That is the perverse nature of sports handicapping!!!

Its back to work for me. But I have gotten a few questions regarding how to sign up for these plays. I have finally realized I am going to have to put a FAQ section to this site. I plan on doing that this week. That way hopefully things will be a bit clearer.

But for now all you need do is go to the drop down menu under paypal and pick the subscription of your choice. All have a 3 day free trial. And if you have any questions I am always available via email to help answer them

Good Luck Today


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