Omaha 8 world series of poker

I have decided to play in the 1st 1500 Omaha 8 tournament in the world series on June 1st. I am open to selling 2/3 of myself with you getting dollar for dollar back ie…if you invest 500 you get back 1/3 of any prize money. So you will be in exactly the same postion I will be in for payouts.

If your interested in my tournament record there is no need to check. I don’t play in tournaments but after talking to a few omaha 8 players they have convinced me there is enough value in the 1500 omaha 8 events to enter. And I have the urge to play in a few tournaments this year.

The only thing that will need to be done is to draw up a written agreement of the terms. Primarily this is done for tax purposes in the event of a cash.

Just drop me an email if you have an interest with the amount you wish to contribute if any.


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