one more comment

one more comment

Well….about ready to head to bed…after all I have to get up before 6 to get these hot hoops out:)

But one more comment:

“Hey Rick–this is ToddT, we played a lot of Omaha together in Vegas. I loved you Burt Gordon reference. George C. Scott is amazing in the film as are Newman, Laurie, and Gleason. Best film about gambling by miles and miles.”

My response:

Todd….that movie is one of my favorites. Your right…its right up there as the best gambling movie of all times. All of the actors in the movie are at the top of their form…its a great story and gives great insight into the world of hustling and gambling.

The other I like is ” The Gambler” with James Caan. Its about as accurate a depiction of a compulsive gambler as you will ever come across.

Those two movies are the best! Ive seen them both many many times.


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  • DeketheGreek

    " The Gambler" is a good movie. If you havent seen it go out and buy "Money KIngs" another great unknown gambling movie

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