One more day to wait for the final NBA game of the season!!!

Friday we kept rolling along in MLB baseball with two plays. A one unit and a 1/2 unit. Our one unit play on San Diego +147 lost 5-7 and our 1/2 unit play on Oakland +133 won 3-2. So a -.335 unit day.

We also had two big move games:

Seattle +116
St Louis -102

The closing line on the games ended up :

Seattle +121
St Louis -125

So we got the big move on only 1 game. You could of taken St. Louis -102 and then at game time went with texas +115. Seems like at least one of these a day ends up with a nice middle.

However I have still to figure out how to use the zeroing in on games that have big move potential into a viable bettable stategy. So far the only approach is for those that have successful handicapping techniques on their own to use this knowledge as a filter in their own handicapping.

Its pretty valuable to know which games have the potential to move big irregardless of which side of the game your handicapping leads you to. So for now that is what I reccommend as to how to use these.

In addition if I do not have enough info by 8:00 P.M. to properly come to the big move games reliably I typically hang it up and wait for the A.M. when more betting volumn has come in on the games. This of course is not the optimum way to do this so I am considering working another hour on overnight handicapping to see if I can put these out the night before. If enough have an interest in these I will consider doing that.

So far today I have sent out no plays. Early this morning 3 Potential big move games were sent out to subscribers.

Now onto the NBA:

Golden State

Betting so far is 49% on Golden State with the line moving from -5.5 even to -5-107. So a day before game time betting is about even on the game. Models are neutral as are variables. So far this game looks to me like a tossup for betting. But a caveat the volumn of betting on the game has been very light. So I anticipate quite a bit of movement by gametime. I will post an update Sunday morning.

Good Luck Today

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