One play on Wednesday and it was a winner! Did you have Missouri +13.5 in College Hoops???

One play on Wednesday and it was a winner! Did you have Missouri +13.5 in College Hoops???

Wednesday things slowed up a bit with one play. But it was a winner on Missouri  +13.5 in College hoops 56-68.

So far today there have been no plays sent out.

We are now in the toughest part of the College Hoop season. Conference play is widely known to be the graveyard of many an otherwise successful handicapper.

Some of the very best handicapping services do not put out plays during conference play.

As you recall last season we had a pretty good drawdown during this time of the year. One that took out 1/2 of our profits for last season in College Hoops.

This year, however, I have tightened things up quite a bit for conference play and am only using the very best techniques until we begin the NCAA tournament. That is why you have seen a reduction in college hoop plays.

An instructive email to share:

“My question concerns your forecast of movement in the NHL lines, similar to what you were doing during the MLB season. I remember you mentioning a few months ago in a post that you believed it would be effective in predicting NHL movement as well. I was just wondering if you have had any success and if so would you be willing to share the info like you did for MLB, or at the very least set me on a good path for predicting it myself?     Thanks”

My Response:

“So far the NHL has not been as predictive on the movement as MLB was. It’s most likely because the NHL is a more thinly bet sport. At least that is so far what I have it down to. Although it would not be unreasonable to also think it might just be what I use on MLB is not as effective predicting line movement.

Saying that the early games I put out I anticipate the lines to move and that is why I get them out very early. So you can track the line movements on those and get a reasonable idea how effective they are.”

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