One more week of Preseason NFL and then the Real Thing!!!

One more week of Preseason NFL and then the Real Thing!!!

Friday we had 4 plays going 2-2. Our 1 Unit plays with Tampa lost 4-5. Going behind quickly 0-3 they tied it up, then went ahead by 1 top of the 9th but couldn’t hold it:(   Our 2 1/2 unit plays in MLB split with KC +147 winning 6-3 and our 7-0 streak in MLB Totals ended with Dodgers U 8-107  losing 6-4.

We also had a 1/2 Unit play in Preseason NFL with Pitt +3. They won the game easily 27-14. That keeps our preseason NFL Sides streak alive at 4-0!

There was also 5 big move games:

Tampa +129

Angels +190

Cleveland -135

White Sox -116

Dodgers +103


Closing line:

Tampa +139

Angels +188

Cleveland -152

White Sox -144

Dodgers +129

Two our way and two against with the other almost unchanged

Today I have sent out one 1/2 unit play along with 4 Big Move Games

The $1,000 that was open in the Hilton NFL SuperContest is now closed.  I am looking forward again to an exciting tournament!

Also, I have updated the “Must Read” Page. It would not be a bad idea to take a look and read it from time to time.

I did receive the following email last night:


Thanks for your hard work. I have followed you for some time now and am also in on the $130.00 refund that is ending with the 8/31st games being played. One thing that came to mind is whether it would be tempting for you to adjust your plays if you get close to the deadline? I am not saying you will but how would we know if you did or not?”


My Response:

That is a tough one to answer and I will take the question as one intelligently set forth rather than any kind of personal attack:)

First, you are correct you should always in this line of business be skeptical. This area of handicapping services is inundated with scam artists. Also, I would say of all the services out there the % that turns out any kind of profit is very small.

In addition, most if faced with the cash outlay I am come 9/1 would most likely start changing dramatically to get more plays in to hopefully get lucky.

But I am a bit different from most. As I told a business partner years ago that used to write me a check for $100,000 anytime I asked for it with no questions asked, that he was very fortunate to find  someone to be a partner with that would not even consider anything dishonest.

Those that have followed me over the years and know me personally can attest to my integrity. To me, my reputation for honesty and fair dealing is much more important than hedging in any way on an agreement. It will never happen with me!

Now you will just have to take my word for it. But if your still concerned than what you look for is actions by me that are out of the norm. That’s the  way to watch for red flags!

In any event, it should be an exciting finish. I threaten to break the threshold and get close. But we will have to see what the next 5 days bring.

Good Luck Today


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