Only 100 College Hoop games!

4:10 Update

One more NFL game tonight


Betting is 61% on Pitt with the line moving contrary with the betting from -3 to -2.5 -103. Models are neutral at +2.5 Variables slightly favor Cini. If your thinking about Cinci its hard to take them moving off of 3 and only getting +2.5. And if you like Pitt your with 61% of the bettors a place I usually do not like to be. But the +2.5 makes it an easy game for me. A Pass.

12:40 Update

First NFL playoff game starts in an hour!


Betting is 69% on the favorite KC with the line moving from -3-110 to -3+102. Lets call it a mini reverse line move. My models have the line right where its at now. Variables are neutral on the game. One fairly strong variable I look at points to houston but that alone is not enough to sway me. I am passing on the game. At +3.5 it becomes a closer call.

Friday we went 0-1 on our plays losing with Buffalo +183 in the NHL. Buffalo tied the game 1-1 late in the 3rd but could not get the job done giving up 2 goals at the end of the game.

Also we had a setup in the NBA and College Hoops. They both lost. I do not bet these setups as they are only to be used if your also doing your own handicapping. Use as a filter.

Ive been asked about college hoops and to explain how things have slowed up a bit for plays.

College hoops is broken up into 3 seasons. The first season is game prior to conference play. This is where you get many plays every day in both sides and totals (especially totals) This is the absolute best time for college hoop betting. Then the 2nd season is conference play. The lines have tightened up and the farther into conference play the tougher the lines get. That is where we are now. Then the 3rd season is May Madness. Things open up quite a bit not as good as the first third but very close.

In addition there are much different handicapping things to consider depending on where you are in college hoops. So different you could almost call each segment a different sport! It took me awhile to develop different methods for each segment. But I have it down pretty much as well as you can. This has shown up in the results for college hoops. A very solid year so far.

Going to be a very busy day today. So if anyone has any questions now is a good time to let me know.

I am in the process of setting up a private conference room for subscribers to make available for sharing Ideas and to make it easier to communicate with me if I am around.

I should have it set up very soon. I expect the communications to be on any subject but will include handicapping , and comments on the games of the day. Again this will only be available to subscribers.

For subscribers plays again today will be sent out a few min before game time. I have already sent out today plays on college football and the NFL. If you did not receive those please let me know.

If your not a subscriber now is a great time to sign on. College hoops is in full swing as is the NFL Playoffs. In addition NBA and NHL are going strong. There is no big lump sum payment but only a small subscription cost to join a group that will be one of the few that will be able to say at the end of 2016 they had a winning year in sports betting!

So hit the paypal button and Join. I look forward to having you a member of our group.

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