Oprah is a -400 favorite to run in 2020! Is that a good wager?

My thoughts on Oprah -400 being a good wager below:)

On Wednesday we had 4 plays and went 4-0.

Our 1 unit play was in the NBA with the Bulls +4.5 and they won the game outright in double OT 122-119.

Our three 1/2 unit plays were in College Hoops:

CS Northridge +11.5 covered 70-80

Temple +10.5  won outright 66-64

Louisville +6 won outright 73-69

Four dogs and three won the game outright!  I am going to stick with the basics for awhile it seems:)

So far today I have sent out no plays.

I received the following email this morning that I think is instructive on how to approach political wagering.

“So right now betdsi.eu offers ‘Oprah to win 2020 election’yes +220 no -270. Also ‘Oprah will run for president 2020’ yes -400 no +330.

MyBookie is offering +8000 on Oprah winning 2020 election…

Nice arb freeroll spot?”


My response:

“Amazing lines. I think the only reason these lines are like this is a result of the sentiment that has been created by the mainstream media.

And this has created an incredible overlay. I would take the +330 on her not running as I view the odds around 100 to 1 that she will not run.

So that’s +3.3 on a 100 to 1 favorite. And even if I am off(which if so is probably on the conservative side) it’s still a good overlay. Unless, I have lost my mind, which one always has to consider in gambling:)

As far as a freeroll arb. There are several considerations. 1. What are the rules of a win( what circumstances if any lead to a no bet)  2. How reliable are the books? Afterall you going to tie your money up for almost 3 years

3. Myself, I would be looking for another poker player to wager with. I have found that there is an abundance of poker players that have a very difficult time separating there political beliefs from reality. And are not afraid to wager on their beliefs also.”


Political odds are great if you can keep an unbiased mind on the wager. I have made some incredible wagers at the poker tables. One was I layed 5 to 1 that Jerry Brown would win the governor’s race in California. I viewed that as about as sure a wager as one could find in the political arena at that time.

The player on the other side of the bet was a staunch conservative that found nothing good to say about anyone in the Democratic party!

But there are plenty of those types around on both sides at the poker tables. As long as you do not mind taking the abuse when you beat them time and again or the needling when you lose, there are untold profits to be made at the poker tables, aside from poker.

Good Luck Today


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