Panic Monday!!!

1:40 Update

Sunday we went 1-2 on our plays winning our play in college hoops with Washington St +4 in an easy win and losing our play in the NFL on Cleveland +13 and the NHL on Ottawa. Our setups in College hoops went 1-2 also.

The bright spot of the day was the setups in the NFL on Totals. They went 6-1 and for the season ended up 17-9 or 65.38%. I will be adding these as plays next season.

Tonight a light schedule at least compared to the madness of Saturday and Sunday. But there are several games I have on the radar. For subscribers I will be sending out plays shortly before game times. Also I did sent out an NFL play already for this weekend. If you didn’t get it let me know.

For those that have been on the fence take the plunge and join a handicapping community that will have a very high probability of being one of the few to have a successful 2016. Not only do you get my plays and setups but also get access to me for learning and opinions. Something no other service has. Just hit the paypal button and pick the subscription of your choice. Withing minutes you can have plays coming from my private twitter feed directly to your cell minutes before game time! Hope to see you with us.

The only question I have this morning is how soon will a Fed Governor start talking about the need to raise rates again! The first trading day of the year and the markets are gaping down almost 2% 1.5 hours before the open.

Panic is in the air this morning. The world is falling apart. Iran and Saudi Arabia are on the brink of war. The Militia in a western State is holding a public building and the feds are building a force to go get it back. Russia has declared the U.S. one of the greatest threats to their security. China is imploding. Al Quida, Isis , Boko Haram are getting stronger, and the flood of displaced from the mid east is getting bigger. Oh yes as to absurd Farrakhan is threatening America if they put Trump in as President. The same guy a few months ago that talked about rounding up 10,000 blacks to start killing white people. Meanwhile the U.S. Attorneys office is focused about people talking hateful against Muslims as to what they will not tolerate.

All the while our President is planning this week to have Town Hall Meetings on Gun control and plan his six trips abroad for this year to tout his success over the last 7 years. This is the leader of the free world’s priorities this year.

That is the unlikely predicament we find ourselves in this morning the first day of 2016. While our politicians have their heads in the sand as to the seriousness of the state of the U.S and the world the markets do not. Chinas market when it reached 7% down has been shut down for now.

It will take real leadership this year to manage the mess the world is in and keep the world away from World War 3. I am afraid this time truly afraid of what 2016 is going to bring to the free world of which the leader used to be the U.S. Unfortunately things that are happening are out of most of our control. My rule of thumb is do not worry about what you have no control over. Except of course at the voting booth.

Saying all that the saying “when all other around you are losing their heads(figuratively..these days you have to define that) that is the time to keep yours. In other words now is not the time to panic. Let the others panic. Keep a clear head and opportunities will come abundantly this year. As long as you have properly managed your trading account this morning should be of interest but of no worry!

I am long a portfolio of stocks with a few mean reversion and swing trades. One is fortunately on the short side:) I will be managing my trades and look for new opportunities. Which at this point will include some mean reversion trading very soon.

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