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Being from the 60’s generation experimental drug use was 2nd hand for me:)

Although those days are long past over the last few years I have been getting interested in “smart drugs”. A number of books have been written on the subject with many news accounts noticing students and tournament poker players using various “smart drugs” to enhance their focus and concentration.

I have done quite a bit of research on the subject along with doing my own personal testing of various combinations of “smart drugs”. At 64 my focus and concentration is nowhere what it used to be. And over the years looking back I most likely had borderline ADD.

My conclusion so far is that there is no question that their are ” smart drugs” that work. The problem is that every individual is unique and what might work for one person might not for another. Also some of these ” smart drugs” have side effects bordering on severe!

The most common in use right now is Ritalin or some form of it. My recommendation is stay away for that. Even though it is a common prescription for ADD you might as well be taking speed. It is very similar to amphetamines which are highly addictive and with very damaging long term effects.

There are many natural herbs that are considered ” smart drugs”. None of them do the job for me although I take some for the long term effects they are supposed to have.

What I have found to be very effective for me is 100 mg of Modafinil and 50 mg of dilantin in the morning.

Modafinil is available in the U.S for narcolepsy only. Although there are anti aging drs. that will prescribe this for you as part of an overall anti aging routine. The military has been using this drug for some time now to enhance the performance of their units during operations. The one thing I have noticed is that if you take over 100 mg its really too intense. 100 is 1/2 the recommended dose and tends to keep you sharp and alert most of the day. In addition its considered non addicting and does not interfere with sleep.

Dilantin has been around forever. In the U.S its only prescriptive us is epilepsy. The dosage for Epilepsy is usually a minimum of 600 mg on up. There are pages and pages of side effects this drug may have. But these relate to the massive dosages needed to prevent epileptic seizures. At 50 mg I get an increase in focus and concentration.

A lot of research has been done on Dilantin and in Europe it is a common anti Aging drug. For a thorough analysis of the drug and its usages take a look at

Smart drugs are not for everyone. If you ever decide to look into this it should be done with the consult of a physician’s advice. Along with blood work every 6 months are so. There are physician’s that specialize in anti aging and are up on the uses of most of the “smart drugs”


  • Jay

    Can these be safely bought online?

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