Political Odds updated post on Georgia and Florida, Two long shot + EV wagers.

Post midterm election update:
There are several bets I see that seem to me to have a lot of value at this point.
Georgia Governor’s race is 9 to 1 in favor of Kemp
Florida Senate Race is 8 to 1 in favor of Scott.
To me, there is value in both dogs at this point. Both races it was clear the favorites had won easily. But, post-election maneuvering has brought both into question to me.
Normally I would say very little chance of either Dog winning. But, considering what has been going on you cannot rule it out.
I would not wager the farm on either of these, but for long shot plays they both look very attractive to me.
I might think differently if there were active measures by the Republican party to stop this, or by the FBI or DOJ. But so far, except for a few exceptions, crickets.
I would take the 9 to 1 on Adams and the 8 to 1 on Guiiium at this point.
Has to be value here considering what we are seeing being played out daily.
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