Are you ready for Handicapping Sports in 2017? Follow and learn from one of the most successful handicappers in 2016!!!

Are you ready for Handicapping Sports in 2017? Follow and learn from one of the most successful handicappers in 2016!!!

4:10 update

One more bowl game tonight:



Betting is 68% on the favorite with the line moving from -6 to -1.5. So finally we get a bowl game where one side is lopsided in betting. But that is quite a move barring a major injury. Models after this big move point to Oklahoma, Variables point to Auburn and public betting while pointing to Auburn the move far outweighs any gain from having a reverse line move.

I suspect this game is a major release for a number of services. We are still seeing more line movement even today after a big move already. If you like Auburn I think it’s much too late to get on the bandwagon. If you like Oklahoma you are with 68% of the bettors which usually is not a good idea. So for me, I am passing on the game.

I know its boring but its even more boring sitting on the sidelines mid-year after you have either run out of money or are disgusted the way your luck is going:)  Been there and done that years ago!

Good Luck Whichever side you choose tonight!

12:45 Update

Next up on the Bowl game schedule


Penn State

Betting is 52% on the Dog with the line moving from -7 to -7.5.  Models strongly favor Penn State. Variables are neutral. Public betting is neutral. I have often said that models are the weakest of what I use to find value handicapping sports. In this game, that is all we have. For me, it’s an easy pass. Now some of you may have techniques you use that are different than mine to find value. If so you might want to consider my models either as a filter or as an addition to your techniques.

Good Luck whichever side you choose!


It’s a new year for handicapping and I am looking forward to a very successful year for 2017!

To start things off aside from documenting my plays on this site and updating the results daily I am also tracked at Sports Watch Monitor where for 2016 I came in 5th of all the handicappers that are in their database for all sports.

These are the top 5 standings for 2016:

2016 OVERALL                                Units         Pct
BAsports                                            74000     55.99
Britney DeLuca                                   52290     52.88
Late Winners                                       41050     52.61
Maddux Sports                                   39640     55.87
Rick J’s Handicapping Picks                38615     51.01

It was a very solid year last year. In addition, we are on a very solid run right now with the last 3 months producing +38 Units spread out equally in each month!

It really does not get much betting then this in handicapping sports. I say that from an outsider looking in rather than the handicapper producing these results. Most that know me have an idea what I am talking about when I say that.

So what does 2017 bring? My techniques are being refined each and every year. What were once marginal sports for handicapping have turned into profit makers equally and in some instance surpassing what was once the gravy , the NFL.

As it looks now College hoops are the leader for profit potential in what I do. The NFL has subsided quite a bit with a lot of what has been very profitable in the past has ceased being profitable. This is the first year I have seen a dramatic reversal in my techniques in the NFL.

But the good news is that is the only sport that is showing signs of a big change. And it’s still a bit too early to close the door on my NFL methods. But it is time to be aware of changes that are taking place in NFL handicapping.

We started the new year off on Sunday with 6 plays which went 2-4.

In College Hoops, we won with Maryland Under 137.5 67-65 and lost with Stanford +6.5 52-91.

In the NFL we had 4 totals winning with Indy Under 48.5 24-20 and losing with Atlanta, San Diego and Detroit under.

Today so far I have sent out no plays.

In College football today my comments from yesterday have not changed on the 10:00 games. Just take a look at yesterday’s post and you will see my breakdown of the two games. The line has changed however with Florida now -2-107 and Wisconsin now -7.5-102. But that does not change my opinions on the two games. Both are a pass for me.

If your on the fence following us this season take a look at my documented results along with going over my detailed daily records at

In addition, you can take a look on my site for records going back 10 years.

All subscription options have a 3-day free trial. Would love to see you come on board with us this year for an exciting 2017! The cost is a drop in the bucket compared to other handicapping sites that do not even come close to producing the results you see on the site.

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

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