Are you ready for the NFL next week? If not, find out how to get ready here:)

Are you ready for the NFL next week? If not, find out how to get ready here:)

Sunday we had 5 plays and went 3-2.

Texas +132 won 6-5, San Diego +111 won 5-2 and the Mets Under 9.5+102 won 3-2. The two losses were Pit +102 3-13 and White Sox +129 4-5. These were all 1/2 Unit

Today there are 3 plays so far.

Next week begins preseason NFL. If you are considering joining us for the football season I would like you to read the MUST READ portion of the site.

It is important that you understand it before you subscribe. In addition, if your uncertain about anything in there all you need do is send me an email and I can sort it out for you.

Bettors get devastated in the NFL every season. They lose way more than they should by being overly optimistic at the beginning of the season and betting way more than they should. By week 4 or 5 they are finished.

Being around gamblers my entire life, I understand both the desire and the inability to control impulses. The only way you can win in betting sports is to not deviate not only from only betting plays but also having a good money management scheme in place.

If you only have one without the other you cannot win! That is a RickJ given:)

I have no desire to have someone sign up and lose a lot of money. I have a great record but that is no guarantee of future results. This is gambling pure and simple. The only assurance you have from me is that I bet every play I give out myself and I am anal in my handicapping methods to a fault.

For those of you that have been with me since the beginning of the 2016 MLB season until now in the 2017 season you know exactly what I mean. I am very disciplined in my approach both on plays and wager size.

You cannot survive in this endeavor if your a casual bettor who bets way more than they should. I am here to help and teach.

So if you do join us feel free to email me at any time for help and guidance through this football season. It comes with being a member of the group.

In addition, this season I will be giving a breakdown of every NFL game for the week similar to what I have done with MLB this season. I intend on doing the in college football for ranked team matchups also this season.

So we have a lot on our plate and I am looking forward to it.

Good Luck Today


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