Is it really happening??? Green Bay Indianapolis tomorrow in the NFL!!!!

Is it really happening??? Green Bay Indianapolis tomorrow in the NFL!!!!

Yes, it is:)  Finally after a grueling 4 months of betting baseball every day we are rapidly approaching the beginning of the NFL season. I have to say I really have the bug to go down to the Hilton and sign up for the NFL contest. But 8% as far as I am concerned is an insult to every serious sports handicapper.

It’s similar to these poker tournaments where the casino takes 15% and then expects the winner to also tip the dealers.

A quick story before I get into baseball this morning. I was at the Bellagio getting ready to sit down and play a satellite just before an event was to start. As it turned out we had enough at the table but not enough time play as the tournament was going to start very soon. So the suggestion by the casino people was to draw cards and the winning 2 players from drawing cards would get the seats.  I thought that might be ok until they said they were going to take the vig for the satellite for just drawing cards!!! Amazing.

Ok…let’s get back to sports:

Friday we went 1-1 on our 1 unit plays. We won with the Yankees -113 13-7 and lost with San Diego +03  4-5.

We also had 5 big move games:

St Louis -217

Dodgers -117(Middle) 

Houston -167

Mets +105

Cleveland +101

With the closing line :

St Louis -227

Dodgers -138(Middle) 

Houston -180

Mets +130

Cleveland +102

3 of the games went our want, 1 went the other way, and 1 stayed about the same. Our middle prediction was another good one. As I indicated before if there were any games I thought had excellent middle opportunities I would designate them middles. So far 2-0 on the designations and both easy middles.

These are in their infancy but show a lot of promise. They do need me getting to it around 4:00 A.M. As the lines start moving in baseball between 5 to 6. I woke up today at 6 which is a once a year event for me. Usually, I get up between 3 and 4 as I enjoy the solitude when I am doing my handicapping and stock preparation. After 6 the house gets a bit busy:)

So far today I have sent out a 1 unit play and 3 big move games. No middle games.

I am still getting emails about the football special. I know the explanation is rather detailed on the page but it’s rather easy. The advantage of the special is 1. You get the rest of this month included for the lump sum 2. you get an extended 10 days until the last football game is played. So all in all you get an extra month of plays for the 196.00.  That pretty much explains it.

Also the special is ending 8/15th. After that, we go to the low monthly subscription. And when I say low, compared to other services it’s a fraction of the cost.

Enough promoting for today. If you have any questions at all just send me an email.

Good Luck Today


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