On to the round of 32 in College Hoops!!! Where is the value today??? Find out here!!!

On to the round of 32 in College Hoops!!! Where is the value today??? Find out here!!!

Friday turned out to be a busy day with 5 plays ending up 3-1-1.  In college hoops, we won with Kent St +19 80-97 and tied with Dayton +6 58-64.

In the NBA we won with New Orleans +6.5 128-112 and Lakers +8 103-107. We lost with Boston -8 98-95.

So far these favorites in the NBA have been 100%. Losers! We have only had 4  or 5 of them but none have been close. I am sticking with them until the end of the season. Historically, as I have mentioned these have been some of the best-performing bets of anything I bet. The interesting part is the public % is irrelevant on these.

A caveat, without the public % as a filter it increases the likelihood of being fooled by randomness. But the logic of these to me holds up very well. So, like I said I am going to bet them and reevaluate the end of the season.

I suggested that if you could get +2.5 on Creighton yesterday it would be a play. I emphasized that it had to be +2.5 or better and not 2. +2.5 was almost nonexistent, except of course for me, which I got +2.5:(

If you took +2 without your own handicapping to help you out, you need to reevaluate. My comments are to be taken as a given when I set out parameters for a wager. They are based upon an untold amount of work I have done over the last 15 years. Take advantage of it. Try to quell that urge to gamble that I know is in all of us:)

Today as I mentioned to subscribers earlier, the easy money in the tournament is over. It is tough sledding from here. So far in tournament wagers, we are 4-2-1. In the NIT 1-0.

Today I have sent out no plays but have sent out comments to subscribers on several games I am watching.

One change I am making in the round of 32 and forward is that on each game for subscribers only I will be sending out my evaluation based upon the 3 parameters I use as a foundation for my handicapping. Models, variables, and public betting.

These will be sent out as soon as I feel they are clear and not likely to change. Hopefully, if you are doing your own handicapping this will help you out.

As far as on this site, I will try to comment on 1 game a day in the round of 32. A game I feel has some interest that is unusual in the way things are setting up for the game.

As my subscribers know, I am always looking for ways to increase the value of being a subscriber. Last year I added “Big Move Games” in MLB and they were incredibly successful in predicting the line movement from early morning until game time.

In addition, I have opened up questions from subscribers, on anything at all from sports betting, poker and whatever comes to mind.

Also, subscribers are encouraged to ask my opinion regarding any game of the day that their own handicapping is leading them to. I welcome it.

There is much more, but on a Saturday morning, my mind is not yet in high gear:)

MLB is less than 2 weeks away from opening day. The special in MLB is if I do not have a winning season in MLB I will refund 50% of your subscription.

Now I know if your just looking on this site for the first time you will think what a hustle! And if I were looking on a site and saw this promotion I would think the same thing.

But, those that have been with me for the last 15 years, following my plays know that it is far from a hustle. The subscription to these plays is substantially less than any other handicapping service. In addition, the results, I would suggest are better than 95% of the services out there.

So giving back 50% if I have a losing season in MLB is to be value oriented rather than a come-on. I am doing this because historically MLB has been my toughest sport. But I have made substantial changes and they came through last season with +13 units for the season.

If we follow up with another solid season in MLB I most likely will eliminate this special, as the work involved when you consider the “big line moves” posted at the crack of dawn is substantial.

I might add the “Big Line Move” alone are worth the subscription price if not more. To know in advance which way the line is going to move, if you are doing your own handicapping, is invaluable to a sports bettor.

Back to work for me this morning

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

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