sat plays

Today nothing early and again really not much looks promising for a late play.

Also….. The lines I post for the plays is what is widely available at the time of posting. I usually get a much better line for my bet. If your betting into a 20c line there is no way you can follow these plays. A 10c line is available now from most books and with matchbook you get at worst a 6c line.

I got quite a large response to my idea to start sending out early plays the same as i do the late plays. Since almost all were positive about the idea I will start doing that.

If you want on the email or text messaging list for early and late plays just drop me an email. I will still post both on this blog.

The split between early and late plays is about 50-50 and I would expect that to continue through the rest of the season. These late plays are FREE. Just send me your email address and I will add you to the group receiving late plays.

Sports Comments:

I am posting the following email and my answer. Its a good question and my answer hopefully clears up some of the confusion in my numbers.

Hey Rick,
> I have been following your baseball picks all year and betting them
> sporadically. I probably have bet about 30% of them. I’m going to
> start betting them on a more consistent basis in this 2nd half of the
> season. The only question I really have is that I am a little confused
> about your record keeping…On the site it says
> Late play record
> MLB 08 season
> Sides: 20-26 -0.63
> Total: 6-4 +1.95
> then below that it says this..
> mlb
> sides: 8-23 -11.19
> Total:
7-12 – 5.65
> then below that I find this…
> MLB (08 season)
> Sides: 21-17 +9.02
> Total: 1-1-1 -0.10
> None of these seem to be close to what you said Monday when you stated
> you are up 10.24 units over 96 plays so far this year. I was just
> wondering where the 96 plays comes from and why isn’t this kept in one

> big record for the season rather than these scattered records of late
> plays, ’08 season and then the other random one which I am not even
> sure what it pertains to. Anyways, if you could clarify this and help
> me better keep track of your successes, it would be appreciated…
> Lastly, I noticed you tally up your bets and rate of return on a
> monthly basis….However, there only appears to be about 5-15 bets a
> month accounted for in the tally, when you seem to be making something
> like 30-40
bets a month. Maybe I am missing something, but it seems
> like you are making a lot more bets and it isn’t being recorded in the

> monthly tally?
> Anyways, just was hoping for a little clarification about your record
> keeping methodologies. Other than that, keep up the good work and I
> would appreciate it if you could add this email address to your
> early/late play list for baseball….

My Answer:

Nice to hear from you. Let me see if I can make some sense out of this.

The first records are late plays for the 08 season. The 2nd is the late plays for the 07 season and the third is the early plays for the 08 season.

If you add up the early and late plays you will come up with the number I posted at the all star break.

I keep separate records for 2 reasons. First just for my own purposes to see if there is any bias between the ones that are clear cut in the morning and the ones that are posted before the game, the 2nd is that until recently the late plays were only sent out via email to people that signed up…so they were not verifiable.

Finally the month and rate of return at the bottom does not include the late plays for the reason stated above….the late plays were not verifiable. So the totals below on month returns are only for the early plays.

I hope that clears things up a bit for you. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions

If any of you have more questions or comments ask away…poker , sports, vegas.

On the upper right hand corner of my blog I have a link to all previous posts of poker comments

Late Plays.

we had no late plays on friday

Late play record

MLB 08 season
Sides: 20-26 -0.63
Total: 6-4 +1.95

Wnba 08
Sides 4-4 -0.20

Arena football
Sides 0-1 -1.05
Total0-1-1 0.00
Sides 6-6 +1.15
Total 0-1-2 -1.00
Sides 25-16 +8.20
total 10-12-1 – 1.65
Sides: 1-0 +1.00
Total: 0-1 -1.05
totals: 7-5-1 + 1.75
sides: 8-23 -11.19
Total: 7-12 – 5.65

Wnba 07
Sides: 1-1 0.00
Total: 0-2 -2.15

Good Luck


Record to date:

MLB (08 season)
Sides: 21-17 +9.02
Total: 1-1-1 -0.10

MLB(07 Season)
Sides: 71-93 +3.79
O/U: 24-21-1 + 2.40

mlb(06 season,started end of season)
Sides: 17- 14 +6.83
o/u 3-8-1 -5.09

NFL (07-08)completed
Sides 18-10 +7.50
Total 0-1 -1.05

nfl(06-07 completed)
Sides 26-10-1 +15.56
o/u 7-4 +2.83

Sides: 19-10-1 +8.50
Totals: 33-15-2 +17.15

ncaafb (06-07 completed)
Sides 36-27-2 +9.14
o/u 11-12 -1.63

NBA 07-08
Sides 11-14 -3.60
Total 6-8 -2.35

Nba 06-07 completed
Side 78-77 -2.75
o/u 31-25 +4.98

NHL (07 Season)
Sides: 4-12 -6.75

nhl06-07 completed
sides 35-36 +6.66
total 4-5 -1.10

Arena Football
Total: 1-0 +1.00

Sides: 5-1 +3.95
Total: 0-1 -1.05

Oct06: 132 bets + 11.63 units +8.81%
Nov06: 105 bets + 25.19 units +24.0%
Dec06: 94 bets + 1.99 units +2.11%
Jan07: 57 bets + 6.92 units +12.14%
Feb07: 31 bets -6.75 units -21.77%
Mar07: 40 bets -9.75 units -24.37%
April07: 34 bets +3.42 units +10.06%
May07: 49 bets -3.64 units -7.43%
JUne07: 46 bets +14.66units +31.87%
July07: 45 bets -7.26 units -16.13%
Aug07: 37 bets +2.63 units +7.10%
Sep07t 65 bets +11.29 units +17.37%
Oct07: 28 bet +16.10 +57.50%
Nov07: 40 bet +2.00 units +5.39%
Dec07: 18 bets 0.05 units +2.78%
Jan08: 12 bets -3.60
Feb 08 5 bet +0.80
Mar 08 17 bets -5.10
April 08 12 bets +5.91
May 08 9 bets +2.33
June 08 11 bet +1.08
july 08 9 bets -0.39
Year2 163 bet +18.62 +15.75%
Year1 734 Bets + 50.70 units +6.91%
Total: 897 bets +69.67 +7.68%

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