Yesterday we won on our under on tcu.

Today nothing I can see early

Ncaa baskets:

I am now able to place wagers overnight. So i will try to post early sides the night before. I posted last night and are now 1 pt the best of the line as it is now. So try to get an overnight line out if you can.

There were 6 plays Friday and we went 0-6:( A rough day.

Early Sides:
547 Furman +13.5L
549 Howard +33.5 L
Early totals:
548 furman under 153.5 L
Reg Sides:
536 bucknell +5 L
543 e mich +13.5 L
547 furman +13.5 L

Also its the end of the month….if your planning on renewing please get your renewal in before Monday to give me time to update my database.

Early Plays
Sides: 5-6-2 -1.30
Totals 15-11-1 +3.45
Total: 20-14-3 +2.15

Regular Plays
Sides: 8-18 -10.90
Total: 6-0 +6.00

Sides: 30-23-3 +5.85 (56.60%)
Totals: 5-4 +0.80 (55.55%)

Season to date:

Early Plays
Sides: 5-6-2 -1.30
Totals 15-11-1 +3.45
Total: 20-14-3 +2.15
Late Plays
Sides: 38-41-3 -5.05 50.68
Totals: 11-4 +6.80 +73.33%

Combined early and late play totals:
Sides: 43-46-5 -5.25
totals: 27-16-3 +9.95

I will be sending plays on sides 1st thing in the morning as half unit plays and also half unit plays on totals around 12 pst then the balance 20 min before game time.

Also I am now able to send the ncaa baskets via sms text messaging. So I you would like to change the method you are receiving these let me know. Or if when you sign up let me know which option you would like ie email or sms text.

If you have an interest in receiving the ncaa basket plays leave me an email and I will fill you in on the details.

Late plays:

There were 2 late plays on friday and we went 0-2

lakers under L
golden st under L

With the nba and nhl in full gear now late plays will become more important. There is very little overnight action so when I post around 7 am there is not a lot to go by for me. I will only post the clear cut morning plays and will update later via late plays.

These late plays are FREE. So if you want them sent to you send me an email and I will add you to the google group.

Late Play Record:
Sides 1-0 +1.00
Total 0-1-2 -1.00
Sides 14-10 +3.50
total 4-7 – 2.35
Sides: 1-0 +1.00
Total: 0-1 -1.05
totals: 7-5-1 + 1.75
sides: 8-23 -11.19
Total: 7-12 – 5.65
Sides: 1-1 0.00
Total: 0-2 -2.15

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