9:30 Update

Its pretty much confirmed that there is nothing that is going to show up today as a play or a setup.

Looking over the games there are two that fall into home dogs <+150 that have <31% of the public on them. This is my primary filter for games to handicap for plays. The cubs and cleveland fall into this category. However my models indicate no value on either dog. One other tracking setup that looks promising ( backtests well and so far this season well) I will call tracking setup Road Dog C. These will run the gamut of all dogs. Saturday MLB Side Tracking setup C ( I do not bet these) Houston +280 Seattle +205 Friday we had no plays. Our tracking setups went 1-1 with San Diego losing as an away side and st louis under winning. Today again no plays. Also today not tracking setups. So a rare day when we have nothing at all going on. I will monitor the lines and public numbers today but nothing right now is ever close to a play or a setup. RickJ Twitter: rickjsportplays Twitter: rickjswingtrade

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  • Greg

    Love your blog. Wimbledon men’s final, help us out. 🙂

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