One More Play for tonight

1 unit Play
Conn +18.5

Hilton picks for Sunday in the order I liked them at the time I turned them in.

Cleveland +5.5
Jacksonville +19
Arizona +7
St Louis +4
Indianapolis +10

Final Update:

Tracking setup ( I do not bet these)

UTEP +2.5

11:00 Update

Ncaa Football Tracking Setups ( I do not bet these)

Tennessee +15
Michigan St +4.5

9:30 Update
Sat Ncaa Football Play
1 Unit
Eastern Mich +10

8:45 Update

I am going to post the Ncaa football games similar to last week. Taking them 30 to 60 min before game time.

Saturday Ncaa Football Plays

Sat NCAA Fb Play
1 Unit
378 C. Mich +13

Friday we lost our 1/2 Unit play on the cubs. We also went 0-3 on our tracking setups. Home Dog % 0-1, Home Fav A 0-1, Road Dog A 0-1

Saturday MLB Play
1/2 Unit
KC +102

Tracking setups ( I do not bet these)

Sept Home Dog
KC +102

Might be one more….maybe the cubs…but the line just came out and will have to watch it for a few hours.

Ncaa Football to follow.

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