Final update

Sat college hoop play
1 unit
Georgia +15

4:30 update

Sat college hoop play
1 unit
Santa Clara +16

1:30 update

Hilton Picks in order I liked them:

Atlanta +7
dallas +6.5
Oakland +12.5
Green Bay +4.5
San Diego -9.5

I like the first three ….Green Bay line is similar to last week except this week the late announcement is Rogers is playing. San Diego…..these plays historically are positive ev. Usually there are a few of these the last two weeks of the season but this year this is the first.

10:20 Update

Sat NCAA Hoop Play
1 Unit
529 E. Mich +17

For fun bowl pick…. North Carolina -2.5. Not much to go on in this game I view the game as a coin toss.

Also for fun…Miami FL +5.5 Mich +6.5 Again I view both of these as a coin toss. Not much to even make any of these 3 a lean.

A busy day today with a full schedule in all sports. My for fun picks in college bowl games is now 5-6 after going 1-2 friday.

No plays for awhile but today should have a few.

In the bowl games only one game is clear cut to me and its going to be a 1 unit plays:

Saturday NCAA Bowl Game Play
1 Unit
Rutgers +15

The rest are not clear at all… I am going to wait a bit to see how the numbers progress before game time.

I will update about 15 to 30 min before game times on college hoops, NBA and NHL.

Good Luck Today

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