Final Update

Sat NBA Play
1 Unit
New Orleans +11.5 L

6:30 Update

Sat College Hoop Play
1 Unit
668 St Mary’s U 133.5 W

5:30 Update

Sat College Hoop Play
1 Unit
654 Okl St U149 W

1:45 update

Sat college hoop play
1 unit
600 mich U 136.5 W

10:30 Update

Sat College Hoop Play
1 Unit
540 Memphis U144 W

Friday we lost our 1 unit play on the Under 137 in the Seton Hall game. It was looking good at the half with only 54pts scored. Let me add…..if you were unfortunate enough to watch the game…the last 2 min was pure torture. At least until a 3 pointer with 20 seconds left put the game over.

Saturday College Hoops tracking setups ( I do not bet these)

559 Cleveland ST +1.5 W
579 C Fla +15 T

587 Bost College +2.5 W

I will put out plays about 15 min before game time.

When you play poker and put in the hours you see some pretty strange things. For the last 2 to 3 years I have been playing Omaha 8 or Better exclusively. I find the game the most enjoyable….and the highest earn rate with the smallest variance of all the games I play.

I have not played a hold em hand for at least two years. But when I walked into the Venetian yesterday the Omaha 8 games were full….but there was a seat in a limit hold em game. So I sat down…..and immediately got a hand…. AA. I had to take another look to make sure that is what I had:)

Well the odds of getting AA is 220 to 1. I thought it was pretty comical I hadnt played in several years and the first hand I pick up is AA.

A lady in front of me raised and I 3 bet. Everyone else folded. Flop 27T with two spades. She checked I bet. Turn A spades. She checked I bet and she raised:( Turn a blank she bet I called…she turned over 87 spades. And then fortunately I got called for the Omaha 8 game:)

When you gamble daily…you see some very strange things…..Variance creates some very interesting situations.

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Twitter: rickjswingtrade

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  • Bill

    I have been following your blog for 4-5 years now and I have NEVER faded anything you put out…until tonight…I bet the Clippers for 1/4 my normal unit. My question is…IN the NBA these BAD teams… see New Orleans, LA Lakers, Philly, Orlando, Milwaukee, Sacramento, etc…all but admit they are tanking. Tonight, Philly got pounded at home by 20. Orlando got beat by 15 at Miami, Milwaukee currently losing by double digits. Don’t you think Vegas is aware of this and inflating the lines making it look like there’s value where there really isn’t any?

  • Dan Erwin

    Thanks for posting a poker hand

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