Final update

Pacific Texas am cc….side no edge…slight edge U141 Lose

Vill conn. …tracking set conn +4. Win Total no edge

5:30 update

Mich st Harvard. …side. No edge…total…lean on under. 136.5 Lose


Yale hc…tracking setup Yale +4 Win total no edge
Sam Houston San Diego…tracking setup San Diego +3 Win U119 slight edge Lose
Columbia e mich …no edge side…no edge total
Wisconsin Oregon …no edge side no edge total

2:40 update. Sd st nd st. No edge side… No edge total

1:55 update

Mich. Texas…no edge sides

Sat college hoop play
1/2 unit
Mich U 140.5 Lose

10:15 Update

Ohio Wright St….Tracking setup Wright st +3 Win… slight edge on U128.5 Win

Louisville St Louis….No Edge Side….No edge total.

9:30 Update

VMI IPFW …Side no edge…total no edge…note…21% on Vmi and 20% on the under. Those are pretty low numbers. Would be tough to fade either of those. Especially now that the line has moved from 162 to 168.5. however my variables show no edge in either direction

7:50 Update

Georgia Louisiana Tech…Side No edge…Total no edge
Florida Pitt Side slight edge florida -6 Win…slight edge on the under Win

Friday we went 0-2 on our 1 unit under plays on the totals.

In the first round of the ncaa tournament there are some well defined % setups that have done very well in the past. The Totals did not hold up to past patterns at all and we had the following record for the first round of the tournament.

1/2 Unit
Small edge

Combining that with the 1 unit was a pretty miserable first round for the totals.

The sides were a bit different. Although there were no plays the % situations held up well.

Lean 2-3
Moderate edge 3-0
Small edge 5-3

This is typically what I would expect based upon the 1st round previous history.

Now we are in round two. The only situation that you must be aware of in round 2 is that favorites of -5 or more have typically done well 57.1%.

In addition to that the 3 and 7 seeds have typically performed well in round 2. Those teams today that fall into the 3 and 7 seeds are

Syracuse -7
Oregon +5
Texas +4.5
Conn +4

Favorites of 5 or more:

Syracuse -7
Florida -5
Wisconsin -5
Michigan st -7
Louisville -9

So if your going to handicap these games…I would key in on Syracuse, Texas Connecticut Wisconsin Michigan st and Louisville. If your not going to bet these teams I would at the very least pass on the game.

Note that syracuse -7 has both factors going for them.

Of course there are other considerations…but you are facing a big headwind to try to fade those teams.

I will update with plays, tracking setups, edges a bit later. I am going to do it more like my last post of the day yesterday as the public numbers are not as significant during the ncaa tournament…until you start getting a team <20%. At that point you have to seriously consider that side of the game. Good Luck Today RickJ Twitter: rickjsportplays Twitter: rickjswingtrade

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