9:00 Update

I have been getting quite a few emails regarding how to use this information. There is no hard and fast rule. Remember the quest is not to try to find sure winners…but simply value.

The best way to use this is with your own handicapping. Most of you have methods you have been using …so explore and add these to your techniques.

Look for teams that fall into multiple categories:

Models and variables
Phil (1st game) Models and variables

Variables and public

Cubs (first game)
Phil (2nd game)

Their are no models and public nor are their all three yet today.

If you wish to monitor these games I would be looking at big line moves , Public number changes (Ideally <30% and also reverse line move) Looking at the 10:00 games this morning a game of interest is the cubs. Only 17% of the public is on the cubs. Variables are with the cubs. My models do not come into play as their is not enough info on the cubs pitcher. The only thing that is missing is a reverse line move. For me Cubs or pass...I am passing. In the 11:00 games Phil would be a 1 unit play if the public were under 30%. Its at 35% now and unlikely to get under 30. Slight edge MLB Phil (first Game) +115 I will be at the Rio today. If the internet is working I will give full updates. If not...Only will post if their are plays or setups. Nothing developed on Saturday. Today a bit early but I am going to do something a bit different today Three things I look at are Models, Variables and Public in handicapping Baseball. I want all three to line up before I wager on the game. This makes my methods very restrictive with not many plays. Since some of you have asked for more detailed info I will try to post everday where the three variables point to a side: Models: Phil(early Game) Mets Colorado Dodgers Minn Cleveland So far this season away dogs have performed best on the models. Home dogs and home favorites over -150 the worst. Last season Away dogs was also the best performer for the season. Variables: Cubs (early Game) Phil (early game) Phil (2nd game) Colorado San Diego Toronto Texas Houston seattle Miami Public Cubs (first game) Phil (2nd game) Tampa Bay Houston Boston Miami Note on the above I see no reverse line moves. These numbers are what the games look like at 7:24 A. M. I will update shortly before game times if any of these are plays or setups. Also please give me feedback if this is helpful to you. Good Luck Today RickJ Rickjshandicappingpicks.com Twitter: rickjsportplays Twitter: rickjswingtrade

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