Finally…Ohio St won in college hoops. But when things run a little rough nothing is very easy. Ohio st had a 20+ lead late in the game but Indiana had a quick 10 pt run to cut it to 15 with about 2 min left…it was looking like another blown lead. But Ohio state pulled away and covered. Whew:)

Also our new system plays both won easily. The under 53 was a 10-6 final and Florida st +2 had the lead the entire game.

Now before you think how wonderful this new technique is…It doesn’t mean a thing. Its not even significant enough to be encouraged! Got to get a lot of games under our belt to figure out where this new technique might come into play in handicapping. But I have gotten a lot of very positive feed back from some very good handicappers that this is a very good area to explore that should produce very positive results.

In college hoops today nothing I can see so far. Nba and nhl too early but will update if anything develops.

Also I will be following the numbers on all games today to see if there are any plays using the new subset I am handicapping and will post if anything develops. They will have to be posted within 15 to 30 min of game time..and probably even closer to game time in college hoops because of the lack of betting volume. Also I am not tweeting these out yet. So the blog for now will be the only way to get these.

Twitter: rickjsportplays


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  • Anonymous

    Rick- First of all, happy New Year to you and your family. Thanks for all of your help over the years, and for taking time to answer these questions, etc.

    As for your new system, I think it sounds interesting, and I was thinking of trying something similar myself- looking for plays that have the public going one way and the support the other. In my experience this should work out better in football than basketball, where even in the NBA I don't find public support that reliable an indicator. In any case, I'm very much looking forward to tracking your plays and see how they turn out. But I don't always check your blog, especially at work. So if you could put these system plays on twitter it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks once again, and all the best in 2011.

  • Anonymous

    I concur. If we could get these via twitter that would be great! Thanks again for everything you do for all us!

  • Anonymous

    I play some football on my own and although I won't specifically be following these plays I wouldn't mind getting them via twitter because I bet at game time and would like to factor this into my final decision.

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