3:20 Update

#25 Memphis heads to #16 Houston tonight. Betting is about even with 52% on the home favorite Houston and the line moving from -6 to -4.5. Thats quite a move with the betting split between the two sides. Variables are neutral on the game but my models strongly favor Houston. I rarely bet a game solely on what my models are telling me. So without variables or public interest in the game I am passing.

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8:00 Update

Number 2 Ohio State goes to Illinois today and is the one of the most lopsided betting of the day so far. 77% of the betting is on Ohio State but the line so far has move against the action from -17 to -16.5. Thats on Pinnacle. You get a different story on Chris -16 to -17 and on Many other books the line has stayed the same. So it always a good idea to check out a few other books before coming to the decision of line movement. If you just looked at Pinnacle you could draw the conclusion that there was a reverse line movement at 23% which is a fairly strong indicator. But the other books do not support that.

Models slightly favor Ohio State. And variables are neutral on the game. Its tempting to take a 22% home dog that shows a reverse line movement on Pinnacle…..but I am passing. With the models slightly favoring Ohio State and other books not supporting the reverse line movement…its an easy pass for me!

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Friday we won both our plays. Our first play of the season in college hoops won with Colorado +10.5 . The cover was never in doubt. Also we had an easy win in the NHL With Columbus +153. Columbus jumped out to a 2-0 lead and went on to win 2-1. So a +2.53 unit day on Friday!

Our setup in the NBA lost with Phil +13

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A lot of good matchups in college football today. I will have some writeups shortly before the games.

Good Luck Today

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