Friday we got an easy win from the Islanders as they coasted to a 8-3 win as a +115 dog.

Today a busy schedule. I will update as plays develop. Right now however there is nothing that
stands out in ncaa baskets.

Also I meant to post this earlier but thought I would share an omaha 8 hand that came up a week ago or so. It
demonstrates just how crazy the game can get:)

I was out of the hand but it got capped 6 ways before the flop. And again a cap on the flop…with a T87 flop 2 hearts. One of the players that was doing the raising preflop had just lost several big pots. Turn card was an offsuit 9 and finally the river an offsuit K.

The person that was on tilt and doing the raising turned over QJ92 and scooped a huge pot. Now…I do tilt from time to time but even when I go on full tilt that hand is not in my playing range. Now after the hand the other player who was doing the raising also got very upset as to how bad the winner played. And was more upset that the winner went on tilt and not only won the pot but cost him such a big pot. He proceeded to call the other player a twit( or something to that effect) And then to demonstrate what a bad beat he got he turned over his hand…..AT88..with A suited in hearts.

Another premium starting hand of course! I would say if your going to take a cap with that hand you have nothing to complain about when it goes down the toilet:)

In any event after everyone reads this there should be lines to get to play in the omaha 8 game at the Bellagio. Not only for the profit but for the entertainment.

Twitter: rickjsportplays

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  • Todd T

    Nice hand, TK!

  • Lou

    I thought you were going to say he flipped over A288 with the nut heart draw… AT88… I feel less bad for him ­čśë

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