Friday we won our play on Pittsburgh in an easy 10-1 win. Detroit kept it close until the bottom of the 6th when Pitt pulled away with a 6 run inning.

Today 5 home dogs. 2 I have eliminated Pitt and Florida. San diego looks like the public is leaning toward them at 52%.

So that leaves 2 games under consideration right now. KC and L.A Angels. Its still too early to tell this morning but I will update if either become a play or if anything in the other 3 games change(very unlikely).

We closed out 2 swing trades on friday:

spwrb for a .82% gain on a 4 day hold

linta for a 1.37% gain on a 4 day hold

We have had 41 trades so far with a profit of 1.86% per trade. The avg hold time is around 5 or 6 days. And the trade record is 31-10 or 75.6% win rate. We are carrying 2 open trades.

Our insider trading portfolio had 7 trades so far with a profit 5.1% We have closed 1 trade and 6 are open.

I have had several emails regarding the risk vs. making only 1 or 2 percent profit.

Consider that if you do have money to invest there are not many places to put it to get any sort of return. If you put your money in a money market account your hard pressed to even get .5% return….and thats for a year!!!! Myself I am willing to take on some risk to get an average of 1.4% over 5 days as opposed to .5% over a year. Also i remember just a few years ago they were talking that some money markets would go under par! So there is risk no matter where you park your money.

In addition remember 1.4% over 5 days annualized is  a little over 100% a year.


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