Friday was a good day with our 1 unit play on St Joe winning easily in college hoops. The 1/2 unit plays went 2-2.

Nothing is likely to change today in college football. So just go with what I posted last night.

Too early for college hoops but should be a play or two today.

In the Nhl there is a tracking play:(I do not bet these)

System 4
Minn +143

A comment:
“Why the 1/2 unit plays for college bball with the tremendous success you have had the last couple years before conference play starts? If they were 1 unit plays last year, why wouldnt they be this year?”

I came to the conclusion after two years of extremely successful Ncaa basketball results prior to conference play that most of the success could be attributed to variance since the sample size is still very small.

So I am becoming a bit more conservative this season. The plays I put out all would of been one unit last season. This season the 1 units have everything lining up on their side. The 1/2 units most with nothing pointing to the other side.

Another Comment:

Hi Rick,
I have a question about your “half unit” NCAAB plays. While I understand your reasoning, you stated today that all of these plays would have been full plays last season before conference. So based on your record, I’d assume these half plays have been more profitable than your “full plays” in baseball and ice hockey over the last few years. And while it’s possible and even probable that you won’t be able to maintain your outstanding pre-conference NCAAB success, I have a hard time playing a half unit on those plays and a full unit on other sports. So I have been playing them for 80% of my normal unit amount. What do you think about this, and do you have any other advice on how to handle NCAAB “half” plays (not including system matches, which I’d put in a different category).


Each sport is different. I would approach them independently of all other sports. For instance in football my unit size is much more then in any other sport since both pro and college football I have the highest confidence in my methods.

1/2 unit plays are exactly that….1/2 unit:) Now that is how I approach it. Some my have a different approach to how to use the information on this site. I know some handicappers input my information into their techniques as a variable to use along with what ever else they consider rather then just taking my picks and betting them.

As far as the tracking plays…..DO NOT BET THESE!….They are ideas….that I am tracking and only that.

College hoops should be up around 12 to 12:30 est.

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