We had nothing going on Friday but 3 ncaa bb picks from last night. The lines have moved our way on all three.

Today not much but 1 nhl game that might become a lean.

Thurs I mentioned about not taking worse then a 10c line in the nhl. I received a comment about advice I gave awhile back not to take worse then 5c of what I post.

Back when I posted that I was getting and posting the true line since that is what I was able to get down on with a fellow poker player who enjoyed gambling on the nhl. That is long past and now since I am relegated to betting a 10c line that wouldnt apply anymore.

I would suggest also taking a look at what pinnacle posts as there current line and also not take much worse then that. One bright spot is that the books that post 20c lines sometime shade it toward the favorite so sometimes you can get very close to a 10c line on some games.

I am very meticulous about the “vig”. Its one the your 3 biggest obstacles to profiting in gambling. The other 2 are variance and yourself. Unless your a seasoned professional all 3 are equally destructive. Seasoned pros have learned to control the 3rd obstacle recognizing that this destructive component is present in most that are driven to taking on gambling as a pastime.

I mentioned this in the past but the above dont even come into play unless you have a postive ev. If you dont then nothing is really going to help you.

I mention the above since your primary goal should be to actively minimize the above 3.

Good Luck today


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