Saturday Handicapping Plays

Friday was another busy day with a 1 unit play, two 1/2 unit plays, and two setups. We lost our 1 unit play on Miami +143 3-5 and split on our 1/2 unit plays winning with Houston +129 7-6 and losing with the Yankees 1-7.  Our setups both lost with Detroit +124 0-1 and Minn +128  6-7.

Another full lineup of games today . It’s interesting how the favorites have been coming in at a pretty good pace so far this season. That is the difference between spread games and money line games. You do not get the public favorites covering for any length of time. They might have a good day once in awhile but that is typically it. But in the money line sports, these public favorites can win day in and day out before things start reverting back. That is one of the reasons the swings  typically in money line sports are substantially more than spread betting.

In addition for me, spread betting is much easier to handicap. Considering the minimal variance almost too easy! But switching over to money line games and you get the meaning of grinding it out. It’s not as straight forward to finding value.

Saying that I have put an addition filter on the games that does backtest out fairly well. How it works out in practice we will see. It’s nothing big but a subtle change to add to my handicapping in baseball.

And the WNBA is getting in gear and I will be putting out plays daily if they develop.

Good Luck Today


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