Saturday was a 2-0 day for +1.5 Units! Check out our MLB Special.

On Saturday’s sports betting I was able to find 2 games I liked. In spite of the number of games scheduled not many produced enough value for me to pull the trigger.

We went 2-0 for +1.5 units.

We had a 1 unit play on Georgia +9 covering 61-66 and a 1/2 unit play on Stonybrook +9.5 winning the game 69-60.

So far today I have sent out no plays.

A lighter schedule today as we are winding down getting ready for March Madness. One of the most exciting times of the year in sports. Its one of the rare sporting events I have actually traveled to be a spectator in.

Back in 1977, I went with some friends to Atlanta for the final 4. Al McGuire lead Marquette to an unexpected upset against North Carolina, UNLV and UNC Charlotte.

Nothing like being at a final 4 event. That was back when I was 29:)

I have been receiving some emails regarding the MLB special.

I noticed some are from new participants of the site so let me quickly go through what the special is.

First, I have run this special the last two seasons. And it has been very popular.

To qualify you have to be a subscriber on day 1 through the last day of regular season in MLB.

If after regular season ends, I am not +units on all my MLB plays during regular season, I will refund back 50% of the subscription payments.

So far I have not had to pay the 50%:)

For the first time this season in MLB we will have 1 Unit overnight plays. These have the potential to produce substantial profits over the season, compared to other sports.

The plays will be put out between 3 to 6 the day before.

If you’re going to be these it is essential you get a book that puts out overnight lines. The sooner they put them out the better. In most of the cases the next day you cannot get even close to the line that I wager on.

The other thing to remember about MLB is that you want to find a book that puts out 10c lines. The days of having to bet a 20c line in MLB are long gone. Don’t even try to beat MLB betting a 20c line.

Now, the overnights except in very rare circumstances are 20 c line. But since the opening lines are so soft that is ok. I bet a 20c overnight line.

I hope that explains it. If not feel free to send me an email or contact me on skype. My username there is riccja.

To subscribe just go to the paypal link on my site and pick the subscription of your choice.

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

Skype:  riccja

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