Selections have picked up today for sports betting !!!

On Monday we had no plays but today so far I have sent out 3 one unit plays. In addition a big move game for MLB.

Regular season NBA begins tonight and along with the NHL in full swing, I suspect plays to pick up a bit during the week. Although typically you do not get the volume of bets you get day in and day out during MLB.

Last season in both the NBA and the NHL produced solid results. I am at the point now where every sport I handicap is producing. You know things are good when you look forward to the MLB plays:)

In addition, I received the following email that I think is informative for bet sizing:

“Good Morning Rick, nice weekend! Thank you! I sure you have mentioned this before so forgive me asking again, but with so many sports active currently, do you use the same Unit $$ for each sport or do you vary depending upon historic success? And if you vary, is there a guideline? I have been treating all units equally regardless of sport. Thank you!”

My Response:

“Myself I typically bet 5x my normal size wagers on both college and pro football. Those are the only two sports I do that in. Everything else is the same unit size.
My suggestion is that 5x might be on the large side. And perhaps 2x or 3x would be more appropriate.”
This has come up before and I have always taken the position that football has been so solid over the years that it warrants larger size unit wagers. I do not keep track that way but only track plays as all 1 unit or 1/2 unit.  It’s not imperative you do that now since it seems like all sports are now producing solidly.
If anyone has any questions regarding this please send me an email.
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Good Luck Today
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