Short Puts Trades now at a 92.89% win rate with a profit factor of 4.07, Season to date sports records updated, Westgate top 5 posted and more. My thoughts for a Sunday Morning.

Last week I started out my post with my short put method I developed when all sports were down. I received so much email regarding this I am going to start out each week with the updated results of the trades I made using this new technique.

Last week was a shortened week and I could only find two trades, I took both on Tuesday for a Thursday Expiration.  Usually, I trade these on Thursday but Friday the market was closed and Thursday the market closed early.

My two trades this past week was:

  1. Selling 10 12/24 30.00 Puts in BLNK @ .10
  2. Selling 10 12/24 40.00 Puts in GSX @ .26

Both expired worthless on Thursday pocketing an easy $360.00 less commissions of 20.00. Most can get lower commissions than me, however, I have been with my broker for a long time and it would be too much difficulty to transfer my brokerage account.

That leads us to the following results since I started posting my short put trades:

We now have 239 Trades with 222 Winners and 17 Losers for a 92.89% win rate and a 4.07 Profit Factor. That so far is a very solid trading method.

I am on Slack now and I give out all my trades to subscribers of the handicapping service on Slack for no additional charge to my sports handicapping service.  At $49.00 a month its a steal:)

You can try out a month here:

Now on to Sports:

We had two plays in the NFL yesterday and split. Winning with San Fran and losing with Detroit. If you are going to lose one Detroit is the way to do it. You do not have to sweat out anything:)

Season to date in the NFL:

We are having a very solid season in the NFL this year.

In College Football we are plodding along after a very good start to the season:

Season To Date Sides: 19-24

Season to Date Totals: 9-4

Combined Season to date: 28-28

Totals have been solid but sides not so much this season


In College Hoops:

Season to Date Sides: 3-4

Season to Date Totals: 5-5

Combined Season to date: 8-9

The season is just getting started so we have a lot of college hoops to go.


NBA has started now. So I expect some NBA plays soon. Last season we did not have many as I was revamping my NBA methods. We went 3-0 last season.

In The all spread Contest where I pick every game against the spread I sit at :

118-110 or 51.5%.

Nothing to write home about. Last season I was just over 55% in this contest. I send out my all spread picks to subscribers the day of the game along with my detailed breakdown of each NFL game.

You can try out a month here:

My top 5 picks this week based upon the Westgate Contest lines are:

San Fran +4.5 (W)

Detr +9.5 (L)

Denver +3

Jacksonville +7.5

Giants +10.5

The Westgate Top 5 last week went 2-1-2 bringing its record to 36-37-2. Much better than it does historically.





Green Bay

I faded one of the top 5 this week and it was a winner on Friday.

As many of you know I have added slack to my method of sending out plays.

There are two parts to my slack account.

One for my investment side where I share all my stock and option trades.

The other is the sports side where you get my plays, analysis, and have the ability to chat with me in real-time during the day.

I have sub-boards where subscribers can interact with each other also on a variety of topics.

If you wish to join us for the next 30 days I have made it easy for you:

Sign up now and I will have you signed on within minutes.

This will get the college hoops to you now that the season has started.

My goal is not only to produce positive EV plays but to keep subscribers out of trouble. I have been doing this online for over 20 years now!!!

As you know gamblers have a propensity to get in trouble, I was once one of them:)  That is why I try to educate as much as I try to produce winning plays.

Good Luck Today
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